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The Boondocks Season 5 Might be Returning as Boondocks Reboot!


The Boondocks Season 5: Everything you should know about the reboot!

The first series was released on 6 November 2005. The show was premiered for 4 seasons lasting 10 years, with many ups and downs. The series received many positive reviews from the public after releasing 3 seasons.

The story was static without many unexpected plot twists. This could be a possible reason behind its popularity. Many celebrities, such as Tyler Perry and even President Obama, gossiped about the sequel.

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Is The Boondocks Season 5 Renewed or Canceled!

The show was quite popular, but despite the fact, the makers decided not to continue the series after its fourth installment. He canceled The Boondocks Season 5 after rumors of its creation went viral on the web.

After its completion, several rumors about the show’s comeback hit the internet, and many fans also believed it. So John Witherspoon officially announced its cancellation on Rogan’s podcast show. McGruder also confirmed the news.


This news has come as a shock to his fans. He has filed several petitions for the producers to renew its fifth season. However, none of them were successful. The main reason for the show being canceled was its poor viewership.

McGruder was absent from the show for some time, and at the right time, it began to lose its audience. Therefore, in the end, the makers decided to cancel this animated sitcom.

When will The Boondocks Season 5 Release?

The Boondocks is an upcoming American adult animated sitcom, produced by Aaron McGruder and loosely based on his comic strip of the same name. The series was initially targeted to premiere in February 2020.

But due to a series of global epidemics, it was pushed back. Nevertheless, there is no official release date regarding the next installment.

Produced by Sony Pictures Animation, it will be the second comic-based television series on the Adult Swim programming block of Cartoon Network, following a 2005–2014 TV series that aired for four seasons. The series will premiere on HBO Max in 2022.

Why The Boondocks Season 5 was Canceled?

The series closed in 2014 after the fourth season. Following the absence of McGruder’s character, viewership declined and was consequently canceled.

However, in 2019, Sony Pictures Animation announced its revival for two more seasons. He has also promised a return to McGruder’s character. The series is based on the political situation and cultural diversity in today’s politics.

The boondocks are r. Kelly, Tyler Perry, and Obama’s presidential rule have been successful in exposing big names. Given the current situation, the series needs to come back and give its perspective.

What to Expect from The plot of The Boondocks Season 5?

According to Sony Pictures, the rebooted version will focus on the Freeman family battle. The action will be against the tyrannical Uncle uproar of the local government. Uncle Ruckus is evil and rules the fictional town of Woodcrest Country, Maryland.

The show’s producer McGruder insisted and excited to start producing Boondocks. The upcoming season will move through a modern lens and plot as the times change.

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Which Characters & Celebs are Going to Return for the Cast of The Boondocks Season 5?

Though, the cast of the upcoming season or reboot is yet to confirm. But here’s the character that can return, Huy Freeman, the voice of the main protagonist is voiced by Regina King.

The boy is 10 years old, very intelligent and an avid reader, and full of knowledge about various subjects. The series stars Riley Freeman by Regina King and is a product of rap culture. He follows rap/hip hop.

Music very passionately. But, Riley is very attractive and clever and is gifted with artistic features. Other characters include Robert Freeman who is the grandfather and guardian of these children.

He is deeply in love with his two grandchildren and is sometimes angry and frustrated at the constant mischiefs and audacity of his grandchildren.

The Boondocks Season 4 Recap: What Happened till Now?

Season 4 of The Boondocks is, for my money, one of the worst examples of how badly a show can degrade without the guiding light of its original creator.

The producer is said to be Aaron McGruder, a Chicago-born cartoonist who initially created The Boondocks in 1996 as a syndicated comic strip.

The strip initially sparked a huge wave of controversy in the weeks following 9/11, with Huey calling on the CIA terrorist hotline to uncover the truth about the funding of United States terrorists during the Regan-HW Bush administration With the installments of the series calling.

McGruder took the risk that made his bandage controversial but also earned him the respect and adoration of millions of people.

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