Web seriesToo Close Ending Explained: It Feels like Ending is...

Too Close Ending Explained: It Feels like Ending is Forced!


Two Close is a three-episode psychological series written by author Clara Salaman – based on her book of the same name, which she wrote as Natalie Daniels.

It focuses on the dangerous relationship between forensic psychiatrist Dr. Emma Robertson and Connie Mortenson, a woman accused of a heinous crime, but who claims she does not remember anything.

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The play runs over three episodes, and it quickly becomes apparent that Connie is not the only one whose life is beginning to unravel.

Too Close Summary: What the Mini Series is all about?

Emma has to assess her, and it will be her assessment of Connie’s mental state that will determine her fate. Based on Emma’s decision, she will either be free or face life behind bars. The psychological thriller runs throughout the three episodes.

Too Close Spoilers
Too Close Spoilers

As the story progresses, the mysteries begin to unravel, and not just from Connie’s life. Emily Watson plays Emma Robertson, a highly respected forensic psychiatrist. She is married to Barrister C. Emma’s past also opens up as she meets Connie and the story picks up.

At the same time, Connie is hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital because she has been charged with a terrible crime. She claims that she has no recollection of what happened. As the story progresses, we see her past and how she was before.

Too Close Ending Explained: What happens in the End?

It was revealed that Connie had been taking strong medication in the past, but stopped when her mother sadly went through dementia. Connie’s decision to come out of the bullets had disastrous consequences.

The character has hallucinatory hallucinations in which he sees his mother gesturing for ‘protection’, which then leads to the tragic moment shown at the beginning of the play. Finally, the audience sees a new Connie.

She has grown her hair, her wounds have healed and she has clearly taken positive steps forward. Connie was agitated by the arrival of emergency services and she escaped into the night. She slipped and fell into the water, which reminded her of what had happened the night of the horrific incident.

Too Close Review: Just Drama or Real Story?

Ms. Watson has a history of giving shocking performances, but she is a more understandable participant in the “Two Close” pas de dukes. It is Ms. Gough who emphasizes our attention and has become my favorite actress at the moment.

Credit must be given to Ms. Salaman for creating the character of Connie, who is an eccentric creature – vile, pathetic, and a challenge to one’s sense of altruism. No complaints about casting.

Emily Watson plays the role of psychiatrist Dr. Emma Robertson, although unfortunately she barely gets a chance to get out of second gear.

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She is trying to find out why her patient Connie Mortensen (Dennis Gough) drove her car into the river by a bridge on a dark and stormy night while she was taking two children to the back seat.

“Two Close” struggles to find the right balance between the demands of its plot and the depth of its characters, with its most influential moments meeting Connie and Emma – women of different ages, backgrounds, social classes, and lifestyles.

How many Episodes are there in Too Close?

There are 3 Episodes in the Mini Series Too Close.

Is the show Too Close on Netflix?

No, the show is not available on Netflix.

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