ReviewWrath of Man Review: Get Ready for Some Furious...

Wrath of Man Review: Get Ready for Some Furious Action!


Wrath of Man Review: Everything you should know!

Wrath of Man is a 2021 American action thriller film directed by Guy Ritchie, from a script he wrote with Evan Atkinson and Marn Davis, and the 2004 French film Cash Truck by Nicholas Buchariff.

This is Richie’s fourth directing collaboration with lead actor Jason Statham and the first after Revolver (2005). Statham starred in Los Angeles as a new cash truck driver H, who fails a robbery for his mysterious past, begins his interrogation.

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Holt McClenny, Jeffrey Donovan, Josh Hartnett, Laz Alonso, Chris Reilly, Raul Castillo, Devabia Oparei, Eddie Marsan, and Scott Eastwood also star.

Wrath of Man Movie Summary

Portico Security specializes in the transportation of hundreds of million dollars of cash trucks to Los Angeles every week. The latest version of his team, Jason Statham, whose past is unknown to his colleagues.


He surprises his team when he takes full control of a robbery, handling the situation with ease, efficiency, and accuracy. After hit after hit, it seems that he wants the cash trucks to be attacked, leaving his teammates wondering who he really is and where he came from.

It is revealed that H was injured trying to protect his son, who lost his life amid a collision on a cash truck at Portico. Inspired by rancor and vengeance, he sets up his vision to capture the scum that killed his son, using his opportunity with Fortico Security to track them down.

Wrath of Man Movie Recap (Spoiler Alert!)

Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham have a history. From the snare punch of a lock, stock, and two smoking barrels through the snatch, this is a pair that basically feels almost simpatico.

Even the less and philosophically constrained Rockanarola would have retrospectively benefited from this domestic export. Attractive directing, brief story beats, and a distinctive line of dialogue make both men a global commodity.

Has transformed into a writer/director capable of turning his hand into anything, while Statham has become almost universally bankable. And this is the reason that man’s anger comes from the beginning with a high level of expectation.

Advancing it from the 2004 French film Le Convoy, this Guy Ritchie adaptation is visually unpacked in about two hours. In doing so, the director takes full advantage of his lead figure, destroying that natural screen presence to deliver a depth story.

Dialogue is minimal, world-building is essential, and there are plot sophistication slots with measured sophistication. Man’s wrath is cut from different clothes and Jason Statham knows it.

Gone are the shirtless shots that have become synonymous with their brand of action flicks. By heart, the actor’s H may still be an idealist, more inclined to violence than thoughtful dialogue, but still, this is new territory for him.

Wrath of Man Review: More Action Less Story!

On his first day on the job, however, some clowns try to rob H’s truck, and he can’t help showing them that he means business. In what could have been a $ 2.5 million robbery wind, his colleagues’ vault, money safe, and half-a-dozen crooks were killed.

Not only dead, but so accurately plugged in, it’s hard to ignore that H must be some kind of professional – and one hell of a better shooter than his employers took him.

As the pair’s crime-film collaborations go, this latest project is not nearly so catchy as the career-high “snatch” or the dizzying, rococo mess that was “Revolver”.

While Statham employs the tough tough-guy personality he developed in the interim, Richie settles into Christopher Nolan’s tense but relatively restrained mode — notably, ‘The Dark Knight,’ easily the most influential since ‘The Matrix’ Action film.

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Richie and two other writers have adapted the 2004 French thriller “Le Convoyer” and the new version opens with one of the director’s trademark showy scenes, of an armored car blocking a truck’s path by a group of crooks.

One-by-one hold-up with a cement mixer. We see everything through a stationary camera in the back of the truck, with some more intense action taking place on the perimeter, but don’t worry if you miss a detail: this is the motor of the robbery plot, and we’re a few others.

Will look at it a few more times from angles. Statham, with its granite-block head and staring stern, walks through it like a land shark; His ruthless economy of violence has something sharply compelling.

And even his clipped, almost unimpressive delivery has a wry sense of humor. The seriousness of H’s true mission is attributed to the tone of the film.

Ritchie reveals key story points with clever editing from time to time and maintains the tension well throughout the film’s climax, which actually presents the audience as expected.

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