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Yona of the Dawn Season 2 | Everything you should know!

It’s been numerous years currently since fans of the anime “Yona of the Dawn” (” Akatsuki no Yona”), based upon the manga by Mizuho Kusanagi, began asking yourself if the one-season collection (thus far) will certainly get a renewal.

The show ran in 2014-2015 for 24 episodes and also had 3 initial video clip computer animation specials (OVAs) going into 2016, however hasn’t been seen because.

The tale is a shoujo anime, targeted to women viewers, concerning the red-haired only princess of Kouka and also a child of the pacifist King II. Prohibited from wed her crush Su-Won, the child of her father’s sibling.

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She doesn’t understand her kingdom will experience a violent political coup– by Su-Won. This creates her to run away with her close friend Son Hak, finding out the unpleasant reality regarding the kingdom she thought was thriving.

This leads her to a search for the famous Four Dragon Warriors in a proposal to win back her papa’s kingdom and obtains her into journeys that entail pirates, human trafficking, and also extra. Here’s what you must find out about a feasible second season.

Has Yona of the Dawn Renewed for Season 2?


For practically half a decade now, fans have actually been waiting for the Yona Of The Dawn Period 2 revival. Yet, Workshop Pierrot or any other manufacturers have not given away anything significant about the program’s future.

Nevertheless, among the main reasons behind the very same was April 2016’s Kumamoto earthquakes. The awful occasion took the lives of a minimum of 50 people, whereas around 3,000 were wounded.

Sadly, YOTD’s mangaka Mizuho Kusanagi was one of the damaged sufferers and also took a while to recuperate after the heartbreaking incident. With some tweets, she notified her followers that the incident would become a major problem to the extension of her work.

This impacted the manga’s run as well as likewise developed unpredictability for its future and also the anime alike. Fans speculate that this could be the reason that no Yona Of The Dawn anime project was launched for so long.

Nonetheless, fortunately, the writer quickly recouped and also has been publishing her manga volumes in a timely manner. As a matter of fact, several of her latest jobs are getting much gratitude from fans and critics alike.

Henceforth, this is the peak time for Akatsuki no Yona’s return. Having stated that, speculations recommend that the renewal of Yona Of The Dawn Period 2 can get here anytime currently.

When will Yona of the Dawn Season 2 Release?

As the episodes of the Yona of the Don released in 2014, I don’t actually assume that there is an opportunity for Season 2 below. It has actually been 6 years considering that the very first season appeared as well as the optimum we could await the news of Period 2 was till 2020.

Though we still have hopes of the announcement of Season 2 this year, as there were specific inquiries left unspoken in Period 1, and the fans are still expecting a period 2.

What to Expect from the Plot of Yona of the Dawn Season 2?

As pointed out above, the category of the collection concentrates on fantasy as well as love. The storyline is constructed around dragons and people in an imaginary land setup.

The show complies with a story of revenge with several adventures that happen during the journey of Yona. Four dragons have the power to manage the amazing 4 aspects of the environment, namely water, earth, sky, and fire.

Initially, Yona is depicted as a carefree princess. However, after her father’s harsh murder, she changes right into a strong female all set to fight versus any wickedness. This anime series has a blend of different cultures of Japan, China, and Korea.

The story of Yona as well as the fictional kingdom strolls you with the trip of a ruined princess developing into a responsible as well as powerful warrior princess. She establishes her heart on her childhood crush, friend Hak, as well as is established to marry him.

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After Su-won killed her father as well as snagged away from the throne from Yona, she begins her journey to locate experienced warriors to shield the tradition of her father the correct method.

After finding out how Hiryuu, the first king of Kouka along with dragons, once merged the kingdom of kouke, Yona and Hak launch a trip of redemption accompanied by Yun, Ik-Su’s assistant.

Which Celebs & Characters will return for the Cast of Yona of the Dawn Season 2?

As pointed out earlier the 4 main personalities will certainly remain to exist in the second season.No further updates are offered relating to the actors of period 2 of Yona of the Dawn. Listed below there are short character sketches of the 4 main characters available.

Yona– The lead character of the collection. She is the little girl of the King of Kouka.Until her daddy is killed she has lived a life under shelter.But after King’s fatality she was chased after out of the castle.

Then later while on her journey to recover the kingdom, she becomes a strong and independent females. Boy Hak– He is the bodyguard of princess Yona and likewise a great friend.He is also chased after out of the castle together with princess after king’s fatality.

He is stated to be an excellent warrior. Yun– He is a brilliant born in Fire Tribe. He is Ik-su’s aide as he was taken in by him. He has the capacity for healing. He likewise ends up being a part of princess Yona’s team.

Su -won– King of Kouka’s killer and also princess Yona’s cousin. He eliminated the king for obtaining the throne. Due to his deeds, he is shown to be a ruthless person. He is the one that throws Yona as well as Hak out of the castle.

Yona of the Dawn Season 1 Review!

After the very first couple of episodes, the program concentrates on Yona looking for the Four Dragon Warriors. This is where the RPG element comes into play. Each Dragon Warrior (aside from Zeno) has his very own mini-arc as the Princess enters the villages.

The writing does a strong work at making them diverse. The lengthiest arc is Jae-Ha’s. Some might claim it took too much time far from Soo-won’s story, however it assisted cement Yona as a warrior princess.

And also, the heartfelt moment with Yona and the pirate captain was exceptional. One of the most unsatisfactory arc by default is Zeno’s. Of course, after the long pirate legend, it didn’t make good sense to have an additional multi-episode arc checking out an additional Dragon Warrior.

This unfortunately after that forced Zeno to appear essentially out of no place and by the end he’s offered no backstory. With any luck in Season 2, he will certainly be explored a bit much more. The computer animation is outstanding, as are the battle scenes.

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There aren’t lots of standout fights, however, due to the fact that a great variety of them are just versus crowds of minions. The best solitary battle might be at an early stage with Soo-won versus Hak. This was a wonderful tease for a future face-off between the two.

There are numerous side personalities, the most prominent being Yun who comes to be a major character. He’s certainly good, yet the writing does occasionally take it too far with his shouting.

Although the plot is instead serious, the show does like to have fun with itself with funny scenes. Sometimes they’re effective, but usually they verge on just being as well ridiculous.

In general, Yona of the Dawn is a fantastic watch. At its core it has to do with a princess passing betrayal and also becoming a warrior. Yona is an excellent emphasis, and her narrative greatly improves the seeing experience.

The cast of personalities is well utilized, particularly Hak. The ongoing plot with Soo-won is fascinating to see unfold. While not perfect in some spots, Period 1 is superb. Hopefully, its sequel will be officially revealed quickly.

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