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Youjo Senki Season 2 Canceled Or Renewed? Latest Release Updates


Youjo Senki Season 2: Everything you should know!

The saga of Tanya the Evil, known in Japan as Yोजjo Senki (幼女 戦 記, Lit. The Military Chronicles of a Little Girl), is a Japanese light novel series written by Carlo Zen and illustrated by Shinobu Shinotsuki.

It began online serialization in 2012 on the user-generated novel publishing website Arcadia. Enterbrain acquired the series and has since published twelve editions since 31 October 2013.

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Youjo Senki Season 2 Renewed or Canceled?

By the time the first season of the Tanya the Evil saga ended airing, fans began to anticipate its return. During the last three years, a number of rumors have also cropped up about the arrival of its second season.

However, none of them turned out to be true, and fans are still waiting for the manufacturers to provide them with updates. Both the producer and the production company are tight-lipped about the future of the anime.


He did not even cancel or renew the series for its second installment. The show is yet to be renewed for season 2.

What to Expect from The Plot of Youjo Senki Season 2?

This anime follows the story of Tanya Degurechuff. Tanya is a young soldier notorious for her ruthlessness, which earned her the nickname “Devil of the Rhine”.

She looks like a cute little girl, however, in her previous life she was actually salaried, challenging a man named “X” to battle for wisdom. As a result of this fight, the salaried was reborn as a little girl.

Tanya resolves to climb into the ranks of her country’s army as it slowly plunges into a world war, with only Being X proving to be the strongest obstacle to recreate the peaceful life she once knew.

Later, she transforms into a soldier who is going to erase anything. At the same time, she becomes furious and dominates the soldiers, and also punishes those who disobey her. For his rude behavior, he received the nickname ‘Devil of the Rhine.

Which Characters & Celebs are going to Return for the Cast of Youjo Senki Season 2?

Aoi Yuki as Tanya Degurechuff.
Saori Hayami as Victoria Ivanovna Serebrikov.
Shinichiro Mickey as Erich von Rerugen.
Hauchau Otsuka as Hans von Zetour.
Tesseo Unicorn as Kurt von Rudersdorff.

When will Youjo Senki Season 2 Release?

Anime production company NUT has not officially announced anything about the Ujo Senki season 2 release date, although this article will be updated as soon as the anime sequel is confirmed.

However, there can be reasonable speculation as to when, or if, the saga of Tanya the Evil Season 2 could air. But we can expect its renewal in 2021 this year and a release in 2022 or 2023.

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How many Seasons of Manga/Novel does Youjo Senki have?

Currently, twelve light novel versions of Yujo Senki have been released in Japan. There is also a manga for The Saga of Tanya the Evil which currently has 20 volumes published.

Which Volumes of Manga does Youjo Senki Covers?

As far as you know, the first season of Youjo Senki consists of 1 to 3 volumes, in addition, the film adapted the fourth section. It concludes that the next installment of the Youjo Senki anime will continue in the 5th segment when the film gets a suitable ending.

After reading the entire required details, I hope you still have satisfaction and at the same time your thirst for knowledge about the second season of Youjo Senki has been completely quenched.

Where will Youjo Senki Season 2 Release?

“Yonjo Senki Season 2” will also be directed by Yutaka Umura and produced by several producers including Norifumi Kikujima, Noritomo Isogai and Takua Tsunakuni under the production banner of NUT Studios.

The earlier series was launched by Crunchyroll and Kenta Ihra was the one who wrote the show and aired on the original network of KBS and Tokyo MX.

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