Web seriesBeyond Evil Ending Explained! Summary & Recap

Beyond Evil Ending Explained! Summary & Recap


Beyond Evil Ending: Everything you should know!

Beyond Evil (Korean: ; Hanja: ; RR: Gomul; lit. Monster) is a 2021 South Korean television series starring Shin Ha-kyun and Yeo Jin-gu. The show started airing on JTBC on February 19, 2021, and ran till April 10, 2021.

Beyond Evil Summary: What the show is all about?

Beyond Evil turns out to be a simple murder mystery. Police detective Dong-sik is haunted by the ghosts of his past, who was forced to deal with the death of his sister Yu-yeon 20 years ago.

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The case remains unsolved to this day, with a string of new murders seemingly linked to Yu-yeon’s death. It also coincides with the arrival of Joo-won. This junior detective is the superintendent’s son and has a serious chip on his shoulder.

He suspects that Dong-sik is responsible for killing Yu-yeon and works to gather evidence to convict him. Only, as he soon learns, the people of Manyang Substation are a sound family and take care of each other.


Which Celebrities are returning for the Cast of Beyond Evil?

  • Shin Ha-kyun as Lee Dong-seiko
  • Lee Do-hyun as Young Lee Dong-seiko
  • Yo Jin-gu as Han Joo-won
  • Young Han Joo-won as Jung Hyeon-joon
  • Choi Sung-eun as Yoo Jae-yi
  • Choi Dae-hoon as Park Jung-jae
  • Nam Sang-bae as Chun Ho-jin
  • Choi Jin-ho as Han Ki-hwan
  • Gil Hee-yeon as Doe Hee-won
  • Kim Shin-rok as Oh Ji-hwa
  • Son Sang-gu as Cho Gil-gu
  • Baek Sok-kwang as Hwang Kwang-young
  • Name Yoon-su as Oh Ji-hoon
  • Lee Kyu-hoi as Kang Jinmook.

Beyond Evil Ending Explained: Did he get caught?

Beyond Evil will let you watch Dong-sik engage in a lot of illegal activities. It is later revealed that Jin-mook is the daughter’s killer. He keeps fingers outside her house. Then, he ends up going to jail.

However, a few things make the investigation even more interesting. This is because Jin-mook killed himself in prison. In addition, it turns out that someone assisted him in doing this. Therefore, it reopens the investigation.

The show has twisted this murder mystery in a really entertaining and compelling way and backed it up with some incredible character development. Both Dong-sik and Joo-won have had quite a ride in these 16 episodes, with the final shots of the chapter being seen in Episode 1.

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The only difference here is the emotion expressed. This developed sense of humor and respect these two detectives have for each other is what ultimately makes the ride up until this point so satisfying.

Seeing Joo-won actually struggle to arrest Dong-sik, especially as this is what this character is pushing for at the moment, was really heartwarming. Actually this whole scene is immersed in so much emotion that it is difficult not to bring tears to your eyes.

Where to watch Beyond Evil Season 1?

Beyond Evil is rated fairly highly in the K-drama community, with an astonishing score of 8.2 on MyDramaList. The episodes seem to grab the audience and bring them to the edge of their seats.

It is all thanks to the amazing performances put on by the screenwriter, Kim Soo Jin and the director, Shim Na Yeon as well as the cast. All episodes of Beyond Evil are available to watch as they air on JTBC, or you can also stream it on their website.

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