movieEmma Stone's Cruella 2: Latest Renewal & Release Updates

Emma Stone’s Cruella 2: Latest Renewal & Release Updates


Cruella 2: Everything you should know about the Emma Stone Movie!

Cruella is a 2021 American crime comedy film based on the character Cruella de Vil from Dodi Smith’s 1956 novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians and Walt Disney’s 1961 animated film adaptation.

The film is directed by Craig Gillespie, with a screenplay by Dana Fox and Tony McNamara, starring Aline Brosh McKenna, Kelly Marcel, and Steve Zissis.

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Is Cruella 2 Renewed or Canceled by Disney?

Cruella 2 is yet to be greenlighted by Walt Disney Pictures and a sequel is dependent on the success of the first film and fan reception.

However, the favorable reviews that Cruella has received are a good sign that audiences will be more demanding of the classic Disney villain Emma Stone.


Cruella certainly lays the groundwork for another movie and has a mid-credits scene that teases 101 Dalmatians on the street.

However, it will be interesting to see what metrics Disney will use to determine this, taking into account the hybrid theatricals of Cruella and the simultaneous release of Disney+.

When will Cruella 2 Release on Disney+?

Cruella was released in French cinemas on 26 May. Cruella 2 is yet to get a green signal from Walt Disney Pictures.

However, there is no official confirmed release date for Cruella 2. But if filming begins this year, we may see it sometime next year, but we imagine the release date to be 2023 at the earliest.

The big change was that the film was released in theaters and on Disney+ with Premier Access, which we imagine will be accompanied by a sequel if Disney decides to make another.

What to Expect from the Plot of Cruella 2?

Directed by Craig Gillespie and produced by Andrew Gunn, Mark Platt, and Kristin Burr, “Cruella” follows the character of Cruella de Vil, who first appeared in Dodi Smith’s 1956 novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians and in 1961 Disney’s Forest had appeared.

Appeared in an animated adaptation. Cruella, played by Emma Stone, is the villain in most of the franchise’s previous installments. ‘Cruella’ follows the story of his life and his attempts to take revenge on Baroness von Hellmann.

Cruella is joined by thieves Jasper and Horace, with Artie joining them for his ultimate plan to destroy the Baroness’s charity ball.

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Which Celebs are Returning for the Cast of Cruella 2?

Though the confirmed cast of Cruella 2 has not been declared. We can expect the cast of the sequel will include Emma Stone as our antagonist and Emma Thompson as the Baroness provide her old-school fashion foil.

Joel Fry and Paul Walter Hauser as Cruella’s henchmen Jasper and Horace, respectively, as well as Mark Strong, Emily Beacham, and Kirby Howell-Baptiste.

Cruella Movie Ending Explained: Does it End on a Cliffhanger?

At the big ball, Estella successfully arrests the Baroness for killing him (even though he’s not actually dead, obv.) “Estella,” before her “death,” gives the Baroness’ entire estate to Cruella.

So upon the arrest of the Baroness and the “death” of Estella, Cruella finds the mansion and everything that goes with it. At the end of Cruella, Anita and Cruella are on good terms.

She was Cruella’s only real friend at school, and now working as a journalist helps Anita boost Cruella’s profile as a designer. The gift of a Dalmatian puppy to him would not be interpreted as something prickly.

She doesn’t even have any specific beef with Roger until the end of the movie. It’s hard to imagine Anita and Roger giving these gifts, so the two will fall in love like dogs,

And create a litter of puppies that may turn into a coat at some unspecified point in the future. If that is the plan then she is playing a long game.

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Cruella Movie Review: Does the movie deserve a Sequel?

While the film has fun moments, the light-hearted first part is a look at the character’s deeper, deeper exploration of nature versus nurture.

There is some cartoonish violence here, but most of the heaviness is about revenge, not the actual use of any slang, violence, etc. The film has a whimsical tone, and it’s really engaging, even if the subject matter is obnoxious at times.

In an unexpected way, Cruella enthuses the audience for the title character, understanding what shaped her decisions.

Cruella Songs

The “Cruella” soundtrack was released on May 21. It includes “Call Me Cruella”, a brand new original song performed by Florence + The Machine, which is also featured in the film.

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