movieFlashback Movie Ending Explained: What about the Memories?

Flashback Movie Ending Explained: What about the Memories?


Flashback Movie Ending: Everything you should know!

Flashback, formerly titled The Education of Fredrik Fitzel, is a 2021 mystery thriller film written and directed by Christopher McBride. The film stars Dylan O’Brien and Maika Monroe. The film premiered at the 2020 Sitges Film Festival.

Flashback Summary: What the Movie is all about?

As his mother is dying, Fred is also tackling a new job and just moving in with his partner, Karen. This all acts as tension, making traffic the final straw and sending Fred down an alley hoping to get home early.

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But, with one distracted by a phone call, then a strange man in an alleyway, nostalgia races through Fred’s mind. Said memory is of Cindy Williams, possibly a high school crush, whom Fred realizes he doesn’t remember what happened.

So, desperately in need of a distraction from what’s going on in his life, Fred goes down the rabbit hole to find out what happened to Cindy. It involves meeting some old friends from high school, Sebastian and Andre and is close to destroying his life in search of answers.


Flashback Movie Recap: What happens in the movie?

Fredrik Fitzel or Fred leads a seemingly fulfilling life where he has a good job, a girlfriend Karen, and a hobby. But it stops when his mother suffers aphasia and makes her condition worse.

Frustrated by the impending loss of his mother, Fred walks down a one-way street while he is reprimanded by a police officer. During this, he sees a man with scars that are causing his PTSD.

The memory that haunts him is about his high school crush, Cindy, who went missing before his final exams. The Flashbacks of her memories keep haunting him throughout the movie.

Flashback Movie Ending Explained: Did he find the Missing Girl?

Fred is reminded of a picture of a monster drawn by him. It was his mother who yelled at him when he was a child that caused him to fall off the ladder. He meets his mother and stops crying.

It was then that his mother regained his memory for calling his name and the two reconciled. Elsewhere, Fred tells Cindy that he can no longer follow her.

Also, he completes his exams to meet Karen, doing well at his job, after which Karen becomes pregnant and her mother passes away. Fred’s childhood visions and happy memories of his mother are little more than his Mercury visits,

And McBride obscures any potential emotional success by questioning the validity of every moment that Fred experiences. If it’s all in vain, why would the audience care about what happens?

The actors are as trapped as the audience, and O’Brien stares at more or less the same impeccable sleep through the film, whether Fred is preparing his big presentation at work or experiencing a mercury drug trip.

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Monroe, who has been a lively presence in movies like It Follows and Villain, smiles just as gracefully and encourages Fred to think outside the box or whatever.

Honestly, a major drawback of this film is the lack of explanation of how Fred’s ability to experience non-linear events is activated as an adult. He is then shown not taking any Mercury, thus there is no root cause.

In the end, Fred’s decision to go back to Karen instead of Cindy in the flashback ending is tied to his desire to return to normalcy. In the background, of course, the more predictable levels of the plot continue, featuring Paul Dooley as an FBI man.

The end of the film, a chase and shoot-out set in the train, is also quite predictable, as it follows the ancient law that when a film states that a character has once done something dramatic, there is a possibility that that’ll do. again before the end of the movie.

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