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Is The King’s Avatar Season 3 Renewed? Latest Release Updates


The King’s Avatar Season 3: Everything you should know!

The King’s Avatar (Chinese: pinyin: Kwang ga gush) is a 2019 Chinese live-action streaming television series based on the web novel of the same name by Hu Dylan. It has Yang Yang as the main character. It premiered on Tencent Video on July 24, 2019.

Is The King’s Avatar Season 3 Renewed or Canceled?

Both seasons of The King’s Avatar have received critical acclaim. He was praised for his fresh and unique story. The first episode of Season 2 aired on September 27, 2020, and has garnered over 1.3 million views on YouTube.

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The first episode was clearly successful, and the next few received similar ratings, but only after the sixth episode fell, no one can say for sure, but according to online rumors, the third season of the series has already started.

And announcements will be made soon. There is still no concrete evidence for this, but it seems that Tencent is eager to complete the masterpiece of the series.

When will The King’s Avatar Season 3 Release?


The long-awaited season 2 finally arrived on Tencent’s official YouTube channel on September 27, 2020, and ran till December 13, 2020. Nevertheless, there are rumors online that work has already begun for Season 3.

We can expect the third season to release in the middle of 2022. We are still waiting for Tencent’s official Season 3 announcement to verify this information.

Which Characters are returning for The King’s Avatar Season 3?

  • Ye Xiu: Zhang Jiu
  • Chen Guo: Ji Guanlin
  • Su Muchheng: Tong Xinzhu
  • Tang Rou: Qiao Shiyu
  • Bao Rongxing: Teng Xin
  • Luo Jie: Zhang Bohengo
  • Qiao Yifan: Su Shangqing
  • Han Wenqing: Song Ming

What to Expect from the Plot of The King’s Avatar Season 3?

In Season 2, Ye Xiu leads Team Happy and was able to enter the Glory Professional Alliance in Season 10. However, season 3 saw a lot of fights except victories and defeats.

How will Team Happy Gaming handle all the levels and obstacles that would be expected to get in the way of the gameplay? It will be known whether he will get the trophy or not.

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The King’s Avatar Season 2 Recap: What happened till now in the series?

This break from Glory didn’t last very long, and he rejoined the game when Glory launched his tenth server. However, instead of using his old character, he creates a new character, called Lord Grimm, and starts anew.

As he begins to play the game, he begins to regain his old skills, and his early achievements on the new server immediately attract the attention of many accomplished players and the larger guild, the real Lord Grimm.

Begin to wonder about identity. However, despite Ye’s ten years of experience in Glory, he begins to run into problems as he starts anew without any team or sponsorship. When you take a break you also have to deal with the changes introduced in the game.

Despite these odds, you can quickly regain your form, and make new friends in the game. Soon, he’s on his way to becoming the best Glory player ever again, and the show follows his adventures in the gaming world.

The King’s Avatar Season 2 Review: Ratings not enough for Season 3!

What I love most about this anime, including the previous installments, are the characters. I love the continuity of the character writing from the beginning to the present.

I re-watched the movie, the first season, and the sequel special before I even started watching it. The main protagonist, Ye Xiu, has been a calm and laid-back person since the beginning of the show, sometimes being too funny with his jokes.

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Like the “unmatched super catchy” username and other players were furious about LMAO. He jokes like an arrogant person sometimes which is actually funny to me. The supporting cast is also not far behind.

A bit disappointing for Tang Rou and Su Mucheng, this season didn’t get much screen time. Instead, I find myself focusing on new and other “past” characters who are also very interesting. This anime has a bunch of characters, it is an MMORPG anime.

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