Web seriesnetflixLupin Ending Explained: There is more to Come!

Lupin Ending Explained: There is more to Come!


Lupin Season 1 Ending: Everything you should know!

Lupin is a French mystery thriller streaming television series created by Georges Kay and François Uzan, which premiered on Netflix on January 8, 2021.

The series consists of ten episodes, with the first five episodes scheduled to be released in January 2021 and the remaining 11. June 2021. Prior to the release of its second season, Lupine was officially renewed by Netflix for a third.

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Lupin Season 1 Summary: What the French Show is all about?

Netflix’s mystery heist drama Lupine is a global hit just a week after its January debut, beating the similarly popular Regency romance Bridgerton on top ten lists in several countries.

The French series follows Asane Diop (Omar C), a master thief seeking to avenge the death of his father Babakar, 25 years after he is convicted of a crime and allegedly commits suicide when Asane was still a teenager.


To do so, he plans to take down the same people who framed his father: the Pellegrini’s – a prominent, affluent, and criminal family that mercilessly exerts considerable influence over the police and political leaders.

Pellegrini’s implicates Asane’s father – a Senegalese immigrant and his employee – for stealing a necklace belonging to Queen Marie Antoinette, which made Asane an orphan.

Lupin Ending Explained: Do they complete the Heist?

The story begins with Diop recruiting some known criminals to help him steal the Marie Antoinette necklace from the famous Louvre. When it came to delusion and deceit, fans quickly learned of Diop’s unique skills, and everyone rooted for him as the antagonist character.

We learned that Babar had signed the confession after Pellegrini persuaded his wife, Anne. By doing so, Babakar was convinced that his time behind bars would be reduced.

But with the necklace still missing, his sentence remained unchanged—a vital piece of information that was purposefully not passed on to the innocent. At the same time, in his concrete cell, Babakar did not die of his own hand, but of another.

He comes across as both a hero and a villain, turning to a life of crime for the greater good, seeking to avenge his father Babakar (Fargus Asante). The final episode focuses on crime and death.

Asane learns that the deceased Fabienne Claire (Ludivine Sagnier) had a different husband. She also learns about Asane’s affair and the life of a thief. Talking about the present, Asane and Claire are with their child.

A fight ensues between Asane and one of her enemy’s goons, whom she frames to steal the necklace. As the action unfolds, the secrets unfold on such a lovely day at the beach. The ending of Lupine Part 1 suggests that there is more to come.

Since it gives some big twists. The French series follows the story of Asane Diop (Omar C) as he plans to prove his father Babakar’s innocence when he is accused and allegedly stolen from the Pellegrini’s a necklace belonging to Queen Marie Antoinette.

was imprisoned for committing – a wealthy family that deals in fraud and other illegal activities using their influence to buy the cooperation and silence of the police and politicians.

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Lupin Season 1 Review: Feels like another Money heist!

Asane believes that Babakar was implicated by Pellegrini and is determined to prove his father’s innocence. In his quest, he meets a journalist, Fabienne (Anne Benoit), who crossed swords with the Pellegrini and is seriously injured.

Everyone is hiding something, including Anne, Juliet, and the policeman in charge, Dumont, (Vincent Garanger), now the commissioner. The fifth and final episode pulls one last trick on the audience, this time with an unexpected cliffhanger.

But almost immediately after that comes a title card promising, “It’s official: Part 2 is coming soon.” In the streaming world, the question of when, or if, few shows will return can be as mysterious as a man like Asane Diop stealing a priceless necklace.

If nothing else, it’s smart for Netflix to let viewers know enough about this trick not to wait for this addictive story to continue. A perfect weekend watch, the Lupine is all style, wit, warmth, and solid substance.

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