AnimeMegalo Box 3 Latest Release Updates & Review!

Megalo Box 3 Latest Release Updates & Review!


Megalo Box 3: Everything you should know!

Megalobox (Japanese: , Hepburn: Megarobokusu) is a 2018 boxing anime television series created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the manga Ashita no J.

The studio is produced by TMS Entertainment and 3xCube, which also produced the second Ashita no Jo anime in 1980.

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Is Megalo Box 3 Renewed or Canceled?

Megalo Box Season 3 is yet to be announced. TBS has yet to disclose its decision to renew/cancel the Megalo Box. However, it looks like Megalo Box Season 3 is about to happen.

The renewal was announced during the 2019 Anime NYC held in November. A brief accompanying the announcement is also available on TMS Entertainment’s official Twitter account.


When will Megalo Box 3 Release?

Fans are sure that there will definitely be a continuation, as the end of Joe-Nomad’s life has not yet been determined. Despite the lack of official data, it is believed that Season 3 will be released in early 2023.

The original Japanese network and Japan’s Netflix will air the series simultaneously. After that, it will reach other countries after some time.

Which Characters are returning for the Cast of Megalo Box 3?

  • Kazi Tang Jo as
  • Jason Marnocha as Nanbu
  • Chris Guerrero as Chief
  • Erica Mendez as Sachio (Younger)
  • Clifford Chapin as Sachio (old)
  • Michelle Ruff as Oicho
  • Greg Chun as Aragaki
  • Morgan Berry as Santa (Younger)
  • Josh Grail as Santa (old)
  • Layla Berzins Bonjiri (Younger)
  • Dallas Reid as Bonjiri (old)
  • Taylor Henry as Fukimaki
  • Kirk Allen as Abuhachik

What to Expect from the Plot of Megalo Box 3?

Mack retired from boxing to be with his family. Liu starts coaching again. Yukiko makes the BES public and steps down from her position as the head of the Shirato group, and begins working with underprivileged youth.

Sakuma will be arrested for giving false information. The episode ends as Sachio takes Joe’s bike to go on his private tour. In Season 3, there could be a rematch between Joe and a fully recovered Liu.

Which can fix Gymnasium Nowhere and make it fully operational. In Season 2, Mikio and Yukiko finally manage to put their bitter rivalry behind.

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Megalo Box 2 Review: Is this anime worth a watch?

Without a doubt, Nomad: Megalo Box 2 was the biggest unknown of the many sequels on my charts this season. The most obvious reason is that it’s a sequel to an original series with no road map to mention.

Beyond that, though, this is a sequel I was unconvinced of for it to exist. The original Megalo Box was my #1 series of 2018 and even though it was a weak year, there were good reasons for it.

And among them was the ending, one of the most satisfying and beautiful you can hope to see. Nanbu is dead, of course. There is no mention of Sachio but his return at some point is a given.

The most important new face we get is Chief, played by Tanaka Miu in a nuanced and engaging performance from an actor who rarely works in anime.

We initially meet him performing in Spanish at the bar, where Joe struggles with his drugs, but it turns out that Chief is also a boxer.

An ex-pro, too good for the circuit and thus impossible to find new opponents. Nomad volunteers and the two eventually meet in the ring for the first truly memorable fight of the new season.

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