movieNetflix's Sweet & Sour Ending Explained: Is the Baby...

Netflix’s Sweet & Sour Ending Explained: Is the Baby Still Alive?


Sweet & Sour Ending: Everything you should know about the Netflix movie?

Sweet and Sour (Korean: ; RR: Saekom-Dalkom) is a 2021 South Korean romantic comedy film based on Kurumi Inui’s novel Initiative Love. Directed by Lee Gee-byeok and starring Jang Ki-yong.

The film, starring Chae Soo-bin and Krystle Jung, is a story of love at first sight that falls apart due to job work.

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Sweet & Sour Summary: What the Netflix Movie is all about?

Faced with real-world opportunities and challenges, a couple endures the ups and downs of trying to keep a long-distance relationship alive.

Netflix Sweet & Sour Recap: What happens in the movie?

Lee Gee-byeok’s Sweet and Sour, Netflix’s South Korean romantic comedy, begins with a hepatitis patient in the hospital. The patient begins a flirtatious, awkward relationship with Da-un (Chai Soo-bin), a young nurse who asks him to call him “Hyok”.


As the 20-something patient recovers over the course of three months, moving on to a holiday trip for Christmas, their relationship becomes more than just crap. And then, in 30 minutes, he looks different.

The two work through a long-distance relationship as Hyok is transferred to a larger architectural design firm in Seoul.

The next hour of the film plays out as you might expect. Hyok works later nights, Dae-eun shifts him to the hospital late, and the two gradually part ways.

Sweet & Sour Ending Explained: Do they kill the baby?

Hook, an engineering student, becomes a slim and fit man in the next scene. We see him (Jung Ki Yong) running in the park wearing the same sneakers. He is now a hardworking engineer, and his superior tells him that he can hope for a better job in Seoul.

This makes him think of the great distance between Incheon and Seoul, but he pushes it away as things go well. Jung-hyuk assists Dae-eun at the clinic to have an abortion. But, whether he was operated on or not, it was not known till the end.

While caring for Lee Jang-hyuk, she had constant mood swings and hunger waves. In the final sequence the doctor suggested that it was due to her pregnancy, and thus, it could be established that she was pregnant when she met Lee Jang-hyuk.

But later when he was discharged from the hospital, there was a distance between the two. Somehow, Lee Jang-hyuk found her number and contacted her again, but a lot could have happened in between this time.

Jung-hyuk also swears by him and gets angry at the airport because she doesn’t see him. However, it’s not because she doesn’t recognize him, more because she doesn’t want to acknowledge his existence and is hoping he’ll be gone,

Which is why she doesn’t check that she’s okay after a fall. Is it or not, which would have been a polite thing if he were a stranger. The ending shows that both are starting their separate lives.

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Jung-hyuk is remorseful and settles for Bo-yong, though he rejects her desperate offer and Dae-eun with Lee Jung-hyuk, who treats her very well and is gentle.

Sweet & Sour Review: A good one time watch movie!

It’s no fault of the cast for a weak script. Chae Soo-bin and Jang Ki-yong deliver good performances through which we feel the everyday fatigue experienced by their characters.

Crystal Jung is funny and charming, but her character turns out to be just a weak excuse. There’s a big twist in the third act, followed by a big exposition dump that might surprise you — or make your eyes roll.

Either way, this spark of creativity isn’t enough to save Sweet & Sour from its many flaws, including sexism, overly inappropriate characters, a comedy that doesn’t land, a forgettable score, and a by-the-numbers Script is included.

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