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Netflix’s Zero Season 1 Ending Explained: Who wins the Battle?


Zero Season 1 Ending: Everything you should know about the Netflix Show!

Zero is a 2021 Italian television series starring Giuseppe Dave Seke, Aaron Fall, and Beatrice Grano. It aired internationally on Netflix from April 2021.

Zero Season 1 Summary: What the Netflix’s show is all about?

Zero is an Italian drama-comedy sci-fi series created by Menotti. It is based on the book Non ho my avuto la mia eta by Antonio Dicelle DiStefano.

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Zero is the first Italian series that focuses on the Black Italian experience. The protagonist, Omar, is so accustomed to feeling invisible to others that he may even be void to them.

The series is produced by Fabula Pictures with the participation of Red Joint Film. Antonio Dicelle Distefano, a rising star in the Italian publishing scene, co-wrote the series created by Menotti with Stefano Voltagio Massimo Vavassori.


Zero Season 1 Ending Explained: Did they win against the community?

Omar and his friends give the police evidence against Rico and his relationship with Sirenetta. But there is another major issue, Anna’s name is Sirenetta, and so after the revelation of the truth, all the debtors and gangsters will come to take back Anna’s money.

The power of the neighborhood is cut off and there is the real story. Beginning with these tricks to displace the poor immigrants from that area. Now Sharif somehow reaches Umar and then meets other friends of Omar Sharif, Sara, Mono and Inko.

And now together they want to help break up the neighborhood and reveal the true faces of the BIS businessman. Now they need 1000e Euro to prepare the electric generator for which using Omar’s supernatural power of invisibility they all go to the casino and win the match by cheating.

Umar is taken to this place which looks like a church which is performing a ritual. He sees his mother, whom he believed was gone, and then cuts to the episode credits to end with that twist.

Zero (2021) Season 1, Episode 8 brings a grand ending to the alternate superhero story as Omar, and his inner circle has one last battle against those who threaten the community. There are some more twists in the finale which can be seen in the second season.

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Zero Season 1 Review: Watch it or not?

This is perhaps more disappointing given the potential of this story. There are certainly echoes of Miles Morales here, the charismatic Giuseppe Dave Seke doing his best to propel the series.

Unfortunately, it’s all in vain as the series never carries on with enough confidence in its ideas. In fact, the second half of Zero serves to undermine and break the rules established early on.

We are told that electronics cannot work around Omar’s powers. And yet, of late he holds up a cellphone and records an offensive conversation, no problem.

These moments pop up throughout the show and don’t really help the prospects of the second season of Zero. The show also often tries to be clever with its editing, cutting the timeline to one scene before holding it back for 10 minutes in its episode.

Although it works well in the beginning, at other times it isolates and confuses the structure of the chain. While there are happy moments here, they are fleeting.

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