movie"Roh" Ending Explained: Netflix's Horror Movie Recap!

“Roh” Ending Explained: Netflix’s Horror Movie Recap!


“Roh” Ending: Everything you should know about the Malaysian Horror Movie!

Known as Roh, or Soul, is a 2019 Malaysian Malay-language indie arthouse horror film. The Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar premiere of Roh (Malay for “Soul”),

A supernatural monstrous horror film and the first feature-length film from Malaysian director Amir Ezwan, marks another international debut for a new wave of low-budget horror works.

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Southeast Asia. Set in the past, a family in the woods receives an unpleasant visit from a strange little girl, who comes with a frightening prophecy.

“Roh” Movie Recap: What happens in the movie?

One day, their simple life comes to an end when they decide to pick up a little girl (daughter Syahda Nurkaseh) covered in mud lost in the forest. When they dress, clean, and feed him, the child suddenly predicts that they will all die by the next full moon before cutting their throats.


The bewildered and shaken family is soon beset by a series of horrifying supernatural misfortunes, which are prevented from meeting by two other strangers.

A kind-hearted magician (Junaina M. Lojong) is offering help, while the other is an impressive spear-wielding hunter (Namron), tracking down the mysterious above child.

The family, and the audience, are at first unsure of who to trust—which plays into the key themes of Roh’s paranoia, pride, and the primal human instinct that anything unfamiliar in the wild, seen or unseen, is a potential threat.

Netflix’s ‘Roh’ Ending Explained: Do they Survive the Monster?

Events pick up the pace when Along and Angah, finding a dead deer hanging by its neck, take a little girl they call Adik. They clean, dress, and feed this child with the help of their widowed mother, Maak, and she repays them by predicting his death and slitting her throat.

Tok feels the energy when she hens the soul. She orders Angah to throw the hen’s blood into the water to appease the demonic spirit. She also asks him to sacrifice pigeons, but when Angah bites one of them, he lets the other fly.

The curse has not healed, and Adik’s spirit remains in the place. As the full moon approaches, Along sees the girl’s spirit at the door and follows her as if in a trance. Breaks from the samadhi only when she reaches the dead tree where the girl’s body is kept.

She finds the lantern near the girl and slowly retrieves it. Of course, though, Mak kept them up late with the tale of a jungle spirit who hunts animals and children. This, it turns out, is only the beginning of their problems.

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At the same time, the condition is only getting worse. His sleepwalking leads him to Adik’s grave and facilitates more encounters with his ghost. She is eventually discovered by Adik’s father, Pemburu, a hunter-tracker whom Mac suspects.

At first, when he calls looking for the girl, he turns her away. Later, when he returns home with a swoon, she accuses him of kidnapping her in the first place.

Eventually, he suggests what is going on and is able to find his daughter’s body, while Along kills himself by brutally slamming his head repeatedly into a sharp piece of metal protruding from the cabin floor.

Inside the dead body of Maa and Angah already. What happens to Angah though? Because as we see later, the hunter has not killed Angah but a deer. So how did Angah die? We believe that Angah was first killed by an evil spirit.

In the end for the most part the angst we see on screen was just his ghost. We also have reason to believe that the hunter was also a spirit. In the beginning, Mak tells the children a folk tale about a hunter spirit. It is plausible that the hunter was the same spirit.

Netflix’s “Roh” Review: See a Different kind of Monster!

The film’s global success immediately proclaimed newcomer Amir Ezwan as one of Southeast Asia’s leading genre filmmakers, standing alongside the likes of Indonesia’s Joko Anwar and the Philippines’ Mikhail Redd.

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Roh is, on a sort of microscopic level, the dreaded, minimalist horror that lingers on your mind long after the credits have rolled, proving that the future of Malaysian horror is bright,

Thanks to a new generation of storytellers and studios who Don’t be afraid to take risks and go against the grain. You must watch this Malaysian horror movie on Netflix!

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