movieSherni Ending Explained! Movie Summary & Recap

Sherni Ending Explained! Movie Summary & Recap


Sherni Ending: Everything you should know!

Sherni (transl. Lionness) is a 1988 Indian Hindi-language action drama film directed by Harmesh Malhotra. The film stars Sridevi along with Shatrughan Sinha, Pran, Ranjit, Tej Sapru, and Lalita Pawar in supporting roles. Music is given by Kalyanji-Anandji.

Sherni Summary: What the Movie is all about?

The lioness tells a story about the prospect of a tiger attack in one of the national parks of Madhya Pradesh. We have Vidya Vincent, who recently took over the post of DFO in the Forest Department and is very passionate and honest about her work.

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Tiger attack after tiger attack scares the villagers while politics comes into play. The tiger was later identified as T-12. While one side wants to kill the tigress, the other side wants to save the tigress.

Sherni Ending Explained: Do they find the Tiger?

The villagers were already terrified by the tiger attack from T-12. In return, they get the sixth body. This time, despite having a bear as the attacker, the villagers have come under the siege on which the tigress is attacking.


So after the tigress attack became big news among the media, the minister decided to go into the forest. He makes some commendable adjustments by allowing Pintu Bhai to hunt the tigress. Also Nangia is made at a cost.

Vidya argues that an attempt is being made to save the tigress by telling it to be a bear attack. But it doesn’t work, as the minister is focusing more on helping villagers to win elections.

The Pintu brothers begin their work on monitoring T-12 Downs in an effort to meet their needs and raise their ratings. Meanwhile, Vidya and her crew have a plan to avoid effectively ruining the tigress as well.

Soon there is information about T-12 and her cubs as each group gets ready. But sadly, the whole day is wasted without seeing the tigress. A tip from the locals takes Pintu to the tigress. Soon after, Vidya is seen tearing her resignation letter, which she takes to the lagur.

He gets a call from Jyoti and her family that they have found the cubs. Vidya, who had earlier failed to protect her mother, breathes a sigh of relief upon seeing the cubs in a cave. She happily embraces Jyoti and begs her not to tell anyone about her whereabouts.

At that very moment, his act of tearing the letter becomes clear. Perhaps seeing the two cubs alive and safe has restored their faith in their profession. She is not ready to bow down so easily.

In that moment, she demonstrates an indomitable spirit and the power of a ‘lioness’ and, perhaps, the appropriateness of the film’s title ‘Lioness’ becomes clear.

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Sherni Review: Is the Movie worth Watching?

Vidya Balan is Vidya Vincent, a Divisional Forest Department officer who is faced with a challenge in her new posting in just a few weeks. Tigress T12 has developed a taste for human flesh.

It terrorizes the villagers living near their residence and provides a drum to defeat the political rivals contesting the local elections. However, I was surprised by the fact that the female officer who discovered Avni’s cubs in real life, Sidam Pramila Istari, is recognized somewhere in the credits, despite the close resemblance in events.

Sidam tracked the tiger cubs for several days with a piece of meat in his hand, traveling several kilometers to find them. In Lioness, this extraordinary feat is explained in minutes, fueling the intriguing story.

I also wanted to know why Vidya Vincent chose to become a forest officer. Was it the circumstances (she doesn’t really seem to be an animal lover) or something else that inspired her?

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