Web seriesThe A-List Season 2 Ending Explained: What happens with...

The A-List Season 2 Ending Explained: What happens with Mia?


The A-List Season 2 Ending: Everything you should know!

The A List is a British teen thriller streaming television series created by Dan Burlanka and Nina Metivier, released on BBC iPlayer on 25 October 2018.

The central character is Mia (Lisa Ambalavaner), who arrives at a summer camp on an island, who passes out. to keep dark secrets.

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The A List Season 1 Recap: What happened Earlier?

n The A List, a group of teenagers arrive at Peregrine Island ready for summer fun. There is usually a lot of squabbles, psychological tension, and teenage romance among teenagers.

This is no ordinary island though, and soon strange phenomena and abilities of some of the camp’s comrades begin to emerge. One of the characters, Amber, proves to be a constant adversary.


And has the ability to control the mind of anyone she touches. She is in constant conflict with Mia, which eventually prompts several other camp members to rise up against Amber.

The A List Season 2 Ending Explained: What happened with mia at the end?

We learn that Mia was right to say that “that girl is going to do drama.” While the gang all went to the island to have a good time, they soon learn that Peregrine is more midsummer-y than the one they signed up for.

Then we see that the groups meet on the mainland and are satisfied with the way things have turned out. Even Amber (Ellie Duckles) gets a chance to live like a normal person and her future is not tied to Midge’s fate. But is everything really as happy as it seems?

That final blow comes at the very end, when long-dead-ish Midge (Indiana Ryan) crawls up some rocks and back into mortal territory.

It’s a disturbing visual that tells us everything we need to know about the potential season of The A-List Season 2 on Netflix. Because Midge isn’t the person we were expecting at all.

At one point Mia says that everyone wants her to be real and have a second chance at happiness. The way she says, it makes us wonder if Midge still lives in Mia.

“The amber personality emerged,” Maggs tells Mia. “Not just mentally, but physically. Like Jekyll and Hyde with incredible powers.”

But the series ends with Mia almost falling off a cliff and the supposedly dead Midge crawling her way over some rocks. Does the fact that they are blood sisters ensure that a part of Midge still lives in Mia?

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The A-List Season 2 Review: A Great thriller with cliffhanger Ending!

While the acting is an improvement and the show manages to delve into its mysteries a little more deeply, The A List still lags behind some of the issues that plagued it at first. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a pleasant watch.

Despite its shortcomings, The A List doesn’t end on a big Netflix cliffhanger which is a big plus. There’s a teasing glimpse of a potential third season, but not enough to make your head spin to a hollow conclusion.

For that only, fans of The A List should be satisfied with what is here. The A List may come back with the same lovely group of characters, but it also brings with it the same baggage and problems.

This is something that has only been further underscored by teen dramas since 2018. There are some amazing offerings in this genre and The A List falls short by comparison.

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