MusicThe First Purge Ending Explained: Who survives in the...

The First Purge Ending Explained: Who survives in the End?


The First Purge Ending: Everything you should know!

The First Purge is a 2018 American dystopian action horror film directed by Gerard McMurray and starring Yellen Noel, Lex Scott Davis, Joivan Wade, Steve Harris, and Marisa Tomei. Written and co-produced by James Demonaco, it is the first film in the series not to be directed by him.

The First Purge Summary: What the Movie is all about?

Directed by Gerard McMurray (“Burning Sands”) from a screenplay by James DeMonaco (who directed the first three entries), “The First Purge” is conceived to explain the roots of this barbaric ritual and give them a national finds himself in conflict.


The election of the Tea Party-Esque New Founding Fathers to the presidency elevates wealthy white men to power, and they quickly get to work, imagining the purge on Staten Island as an experiment.

Although New York’s “forgotten borough” has its fair share of diversity, it is also the city’s wealthiest area, but the new Founding Fathers create a dangerous incentive that leaves only minorities behind: whoever is on the island for the night.

Lives receive $5,000, plus an unspecified bonus if they choose to “participate” in a murderous rampage set to spread through the streets after dark.

The First Purge Ending Explained: Did they manage to survive?

Act three of The First Purge kicks into gear with a vengeful bang, turning from a suspenseful horror flick into a full-on action movie as drug kingpin Dimitri heads to Park Hill Housing Projects to protect his friends on the 14th floor.

Attacks the towers. By this point, the film has officially turned into a civilian-to-citizen free-for-all government-sanctioned extermination campaign, as international militia hired by the NFFA begin to clear the building’s floors from the floor.

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After that scene, things aren’t over yet, as a new trailer for Syfy and the USA’s soon-to-be Purge TV series debut is shown as a treat for those who flock to the end of the credits.

Interestingly, where the series actually takes place within the timeline of the franchise is unclear, as is whether the characters seen in the films will appear at some point during the show. However, with The First Purge, the series’ focal characters will be brand new.

In an intriguing change of pace, the TV version of The Purge will be set in a small town, possibly presenting a different set of threats than the ones facing characters trying to survive the night in a sprawling metropolis.

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