Web seriesThe Naked Director Season 2 Ending Explained! Plot Recap

The Naked Director Season 2 Ending Explained! Plot Recap


The Naked Director Season 2 Ending: Everything you should know!

The Naked Director (Japanese: Hepburn: Zenra Kantoku) is a Japanese semi-biographical comedy-drama streaming television series co-directed by Masaharu Take.

Based on the non-fiction novel Zenra Kantoku Muranishi Toru Den (全裸監督) by Nobuhiro Motohashi, it tells the story of Japanese adult video director Toru Muranishi.

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The Naked Director Season 2 Recap: What happens in the show?

Of course, the start of this season has been more successful than ever with him. Rising satellite TV is likely to provide another opportunity for him to dominate the Japanese – and perhaps global – sex industry, and a case in point that, culturally, he is doing some good.

Sex crime has decreased. Women are being empowered by their roles in Muranishi’s films. Then, things are going well for Muranishi, and only continues to do so as he inadvertently discovers the face and then the value of parodying Japanese celebrities.


He claims how many legal cases are pending against him — including a case for casting a 17-year-old in a film he claims was an accident — and you always have to see it as a spectator. Makes sense that it would all catch him.

The Naked Director Season 2 Ending Explained: What happens with Muranishi?

Toshi somehow escapes from the clutches of a dangerous gangster. First, he finds Muranishi and tries to kill him. But, they decided to set him free.

Toshi then goes to Furuya’s lair and shoots the mafia boss straight in the face. Unfortunately, he is promptly killed by Furuya’s men. Muranishi is freed from Yazuka but is still penniless.

However, he decides to take the tapes with him and sets up a small stall at the station. Also, there he meets Miyuki, one of his previous actresses. After Toshi kills Furuya in cold blood, the Yakuza are what they once were.

Takei tries to take advantage of this to turn Ogiwara on his side. Instead, the police become wiser about what Takei is doing. For the last season, he has been playing both sides and with Furuya, they strike.

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He is killed by the police for bribery and being a crooked cop. With his death and Ogiwara’s capture, the debt is lifted against Muranishi and Kawara. We then move on to 1994. Junko goes back to his roots of being a director.

Mitamura and Kawada continue to make their adult videos. Here’s a slo-mo shot of all our adult movie stars on top of ‘What’s Up’ by 4 non-white guys. Those of you discerning viewers may notice some similarities at the end.

Meanwhile, Kuriko is away from the journey and has started a new life for herself. Muranishi is now living with Nogi and they have children too. However, that doesn’t stop her from filming her adult videos – and no less right in the middle of the road.

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