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The Walking Dead Season 10 Ending Explained: Do they all Survive?


The Walking Dead Season 10 Ending: Everything you should know!

The tenth season of The Walking Dead, an American post-apocalyptic horror television series, premiered on AMC on October 6, 2019, and ended on April 4, 2021, consisting of 22 episodes.

Developed for television by Frank Darabont, the series is based on the eponymous series of comic books by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard.

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The Walking Dead Season 10 Recap: What happened till now?

Beginning in Season 10, the groups see no sign of the Whisperers… until a Whisperer mask turns ashore around the time a satellite crashes on the border of the Whisperer field. As Alpha goes to investigate the accident, she sees Carol from afar.

Meanwhile, Alexandria and Hilltop’s group are both defending themselves against the Walkers – possibly sent by the Whispers. Carol and Alpha have been at odds since the beginning of the season. True to form, this episode did the same.


Hilarie Burton, wife of Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, made her Walking Dead debut as Negan’s wife Lucille, who inspired the barbed-wire bat from villain to antihero.

In the first few episodes, both Carol and Alpha see each other from afar, and Carol tries to kill Alpha quickly but Michonne and Daryl stop her.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Ending Explained: Do they survive?

Lucille went to the doctors to get her results back and was told she had cancer. She couldn’t reach Negan or friend Janine to tell them and it was later revealed that they were having an affair.

Negan arrived home late that night and was waiting for her, not to confront him about sleeping with Janine but to tell her he had cancer. After hearing this news, Negan quietly ends his relationship with Janine in order to care for Lucille.

The real Lucille was sent on fire after an overdose. She was trying to relieve Negan of his responsibility to her and give him the freedom to move on. Sadly, it took him a while to do so. Her last link from the Old World came when she died.

The white-clad soldiers belong to the Commonwealth, a community that encounters survivors immediately after the Whisperer War in The Walking Dead comics. They are a large and well-supplied community that has more or less life again as it was before the outbreak.

Similar to the comics, the contact begins via Eugene and Stephanie communicating over the radio, arranging a meeting, and then proceeding to the meeting by Commonwealth security forces.

Stephanie is a member of the community, but it is soon revealed that she has gone ahead with making contact with Eugene and arranging a meeting. This is because the Commonwealth is a highly stratified society, in which members are given privileges based on their role within the community.

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In the comics, this becomes a point of contention between Rick and the leader of the Commonwealth and the possibility that AMC’s The Walking Dead will approach similar things.

His last episode with Negan of the Saviors dies when Lucille the Bat smashes against a zombie’s skull. Negan can still be seen as the villain who killed Glenn and many others all those years ago, but he is no longer that man.

As the remains of one Lucille go up in flames to join the remains of another Lucille, Negan shakes off the ghost of a different person, and different life, to rejoin the community he has found himself in. has been put at risk.

Maybe Maggie will kill him for this. Maybe he is counting on her. Back in A-Town, Negan walks in with more swagger than expected from the man who needs to win hearts and minds. Carol welcomes her back but makes it clear: Maggie is going to kick your ass straight.

So along with whatever Daryl has come to the army base, Daryl clearly found, Negan’s new attitude toward Maggie. And the delicate coexistence will probably be the most important story in the upcoming season. .

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