movieThe Wind Ending Explained! Movie Recap

The Wind Ending Explained! Movie Recap


The Wind Ending: Everything you should know about the 2018 Horror Movie!

The Wind is a 2018 American supernatural western horror film directed by Emma Tummy in her feature film directorial debut. The film was written by Teresa Sutherland.

It stars Caitlin Gerard, Ashley Zuckerman, Julia Goldani Telles, and Miles Anderson. The film is produced by Adam Hendrix and Greg Gilreath through their Divide/Conquer banner by John H. Lang was the executive producer.

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The Wind Summary: What the Horror Movie is about?

Director Emma Tammy and screenwriter Teresa Sutherland curated Lizzie’s narrative so that the audience only sees and understands what Lizzie (often reluctantly) sees and understands herself.

The resulting episodic narrative is light on dialogue and heavy on atmosphere; It’s accurate to an unsteady degree as many scenes start and stop whenever Lizzie can feel her way in and out of them.


And most importantly, the scenes we see do not occur in linear or chronological order—they are shown to us because they are remembered by Lizzie, not as they were originally experienced.

The Wind Movie Recap [Spoiler Alert]

Lizzie is a tough, resourceful frontier woman settling in a far-flung land on the 19th-century American border. In a desolate forest isolated from civilization, where the wind never stops howling.

She begins to sense a sinister presence that emanates from the land itself, an overwhelming fear that her husband dismisses as superstition. done. When a newlywed couple arrives at a nearby house, their presence heightens Lizzie’s fears, triggering a shocking chain of events.

Emma and Gideon Harper, a newlywed couple, arrive on the field and settle down a mile away. But things continue to slide downwards when we learn that both women are swayed by equally oppressive grounds.

Emma isn’t really doing well, she’s seeing things, and there’s sure something bad is commanding these grounds. And when it comes time for Emma to give birth to her own child, Emma climbs a cliff, and commits suicide.

And later Lizzie makes an unsuccessful attempt to save the unborn child. Soon after, the husband leaves to help get Gideon back to the East Coast.

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And when they leave, everything derails for Emma. Mistaking the wolf, she kills the goat. The lights are on in Lizzie’s old house a mile away. Instead, the lights are extinguished automatically.

The Wind [2018] Ending Explained: What happens with Lizzy?

At night, the devotee is frightened saying that there is some “thing”. Once Lizzie lets him in, he asks her why they still live here. Lizzie tells Isaac she doesn’t believe him. The pastor suddenly says, “But when Emma saw it…” revealing that he knows more than he should.

Then his eyes turn black and he becomes ashes and smoke. Lizzie runs into Harper to take cover for the night. The next morning, he found the priest’s body. Well, like I said, I believe the reverend left right after his meal.

Later, as Lizzie wakes up, she finds herself tied to her bed as Isaac sits in front of her. He had found Emma’s journal, which made him realize how Lizzie had actually killed Emma out of jealousy.

Lizzie manages to free herself as she decides to hit Isaac in the neck with a piece of glass, thus killing him. The next day, she stumbles outside their house as she falls to the ground reminiscing about her past.

I believe not showing the demon keeps Lizzie watching and not explicitly stating whether it exists or not, allowing Tammy to keep it open to interpretation which I like.

So you can either take it as yes, the demon is real and prompted him to kill Emma and Isaac or alternatively, no, there is no demon, it’s a woman who lost her mind in isolation.

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The Wind Review: Watch it or Skip it?

The Wind plays best when focusing on the hardship and loneliness of a woman like Lizzie, who is forced to fend for herself as her husband constantly rides into the sunset.

There have been many female-driven westerns before this — Rancho Notorious, Forty Guns and most recently Meek’s Cutoff and Jane Got a Gun — but perhaps none have focused so much on their heroine’s helplessness and isolation.

In short, there is little Lizzie can do by sitting around the house and try not to get too stir-crazy. As it becomes more difficult, especially for a lonely person, there is nothing to save him from the monsters lurking somewhere in the forest or within it.

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