movieTragic Jungle Ending Explained: Who Survives at the End?

Tragic Jungle Ending Explained: Who Survives at the End?


Tragic Jungle Ending: Everything you should know!

Tragic Jungle (Spanish: Selva Trajica) is a 2020 Mexican film directed by Yulene Olizola[s], written by Rubén Imaz and Yulin Olizzola and starring Indra Rubi Andruin[s], Gilberto Barraza and Mariano Tun Zuul The film premiered at the 2020 Venice Film Festival.

Tragic Jungle Summary: What the Movie is all about?

To escape an arranged marriage, a female Maya flees to the depths of the jungle, where the untamed nature merges the human into the supernatural.

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Tragic Jungle Recap: What happens in the movie?

Established in 1920, the Tragic Wilderness appears on the border between Mexico and British Honduras at the time, but now Belize. There is little to suggest a period beyond the few full-length, button-down dresses worn by women.

Initially, the film appears to be a clichéd tale of alien adventures, complete with a young woman in distress and a colonial frontier in hot pursuit.


Belizean woman Agnes (Indira Ruby Andruin), an Englishman, escapes from the woods after rejecting the advances of her sister Florence (Shantai Obispo) and their guide Norm.

Tragic Jungle Ending Explained: Is Ruben Alive or Dead?

When we first meet Agnes she is a virgin and the victim of her pursuit. After her co-conspirator Florence (Shantai Obispo) is mortally wounded, Agnes asks the dying woman, “How does it feel to be with a man? …

You’ve been with so many men. I wish I could.” A beautiful flower like you.” The Maya see Agnes as a threat, calling her an Extabe woman.

According to Maya myth, a Xtabay was a female demon who lives in the forest and lures men to their deaths. In the film, anyone who tried to physically associate themselves with Agnes was found dead the next day.

Thus, the story connected Agnes to the myth. This early characterization is in stark contrast to her later representation as a sexually empowered woman. During her slow transformation, her charm takes on a mystical quality as it is associated with the legend of Xtabay, like the siren.

According to The Yucatan Times, the monstrous “La Extabe” takes the form of a beautiful woman in a white dress and attracts men to have sex with her before eating them.

All the voice-overs and parallels to the original myth create a tension that forces the audience to follow along without questioning the reality of it all.

As the film explains before: the people who were taken by the Xtabay woman never come back, and we’ve seen her past victims die. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Reuben is also dead.

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Tragic Jungle Review: A great thriller to watch!

Despite this background mythology, the structure of Tragic Jungle is nothing like film noir. The voiceover (spoken somewhat indefinitely) infuses the proceedings with a kind of nerdy fatalism, as does ambiguous narrative twists and deliberately ambiguous character work.

Remembering the style’s fixation on personal greed and profit, Chikleros plans to double-cross his owner and sell his tree gum himself. Agnes in turn gives the film her femme fatale—an archetype that has its roots in ancient mythology.

During the Tragic Jungle, she becomes increasingly attached to the mysterious danger and allure of the forest, and the film links her sexual abuse to the various destructions inflicted on nature in the name of colonial expansion.

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