movieHaseen Dillruba Ending Explained: Who is the killer?

Haseen Dillruba Ending Explained: Who is the killer?


Haseen Dillruba Ending: Everything you should know!

Haseen Dilruba (transl.Beautiful Beloved) is a 2021 Indian Hindi-language romantic mystery thriller film directed by Vinil Mathew and produced by Aanand L Rai,

Himanshu Sharma, Bhushan Kumar, and Krishan Kumar in Color Yellow Productions, T-Series. And under the banner. Eros International.

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Haseen Dillruba Summary

While under investigation as a suspect in her husband’s murder, a woman uncovers details of her thorny marriage that further blur the truth.

Haseen Dillruba Ending Explained: Who is the killer?

Rani is mentally broken about the dead Neel. Rishu tries to assure her that he didn’t kill her and everything is an accident. Rani offers to call the police, but he stops her.


He won’t let her go to jail because of Neil’s disgusting antics, especially when everything starts blossoming between them. He comes up with a plan- Rani, who is still in shock, tries to follow all the instructions.

They drag Neil’s body to their private kitchen. They take off Neil’s jacket from his body and clean up the traces of blood. The most disturbing scene is the one where Rishu cuts off Neel’s left hand.

After that, he asks for a bucket of ice and tells Rani to cut off his left hand, which has a tattoo on it that reads “Queen.” To eliminate Haseen Dilruba, the couple later plan to fake Rishabh’s death.

However, for the plan to work, your hand must be cut off and left at the site of the explosion. The queen then feeds the leg of the lamb, the killing weapon, as food to the stray dogs outside the house, while Rishabh runs from behind and dives into the river.

The only recognizable body part found in the scene is Rishabh’s severed arm, which has a prominent tattoo of the queen’s name. Therefore, Rishabh is presumed dead, Neel is eliminated, and the pair can be reunited in secret.

By chopping off his hand, Rishabh can essentially accept Neel’s corpse as his own and save his wife from going to jail for murder.

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Haseen Dillruba Review: Watch or not?

Neil is everything Rishu is not and an ongoing commentary on masculinity, which is irrelevant. Rani is immediately taken by Neil and she takes it a step further. Like Manmarziyaan, there is extramarital affair here too.

This is all fine but the main issue with Haseen Dilruba is its inconsistency. The tonal shift—from a homely comedy, to a raucous B movie, to a sinister plot—doesn’t seem like a smooth transition. You never, not even once, get inside any character’s head and it’s only laughable when we see Rishu’s sinister intentions.

In fact, the entire plot around Rishu’s murder – which is the opening scene – seems like a thought on Kanika’s part to avoid any reference to Manmarziyaan. The manner in which the sequences between the past and present murder investigations are cut (of course, Aditya Srivastava plays an inspector) sometimes leaves a jittery impression.

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