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His Dark Materials Season 2 Ending Explained: What does it means for Season 3?


His Dark Materials Season 2 Ending: Everything you should know!

His Dark Materials is a fantasy drama television series based on the novel series of the same name by Philip Pullman. It is produced by Bad Wolf and New Line Productions for BBC One and HBO, with the latter handling international distribution.

The eight-episode first series premiered on BBC One in the United Kingdom on 3 November 2019 and on HBO in the United States and other markets on 4 November.

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His Dark Materials Season 2 Summary

Cittàgazze is a crossroads city, a gateway to many worlds. Once a mighty city, Citagaze is now surrounded by spectators who suck out the souls of adults. Children run unnecessarily, there is no one to look after them. The adults who escape the audience have left the city for the hills.

His Dark Materials Season 2 Ending Explained: What happens with angels?

Although the second season of His Dark Materials ended without Will starting the next leg of his journey as a knife-carrier, the books show that John’s final words here are actually too literal.


If Season 3 sticks to the amber spyglass, the angels Baruch and Balthamos will emerge to guide Will on his mission to carry the knife to Esriel… or so they intended.

When Will descends the mountain and learns that Lyra has been taken, recovering his best friend takes priority over finding Ariel, much to the dismay of the angels.

Thanks to the sacrifice of the aeronautical, John Parry is finally able to catch up with his son, Will. In the book, this long-awaited reunion is extremely brief, but here, she finds time to discuss her fate as Will’s mother and the knife bearer.

“The fate of many worlds may depend on you, will … War is coming, which was the greatest war ever. You must go to Lord Ariel and tell him that you have the only weapon in all universes Which can destroy authority.”

In one of the finale’s most heart-wrenching scenes, Will is reunited with his father, John Parry—also known as Stanislaus Grumman or Jopree—over the years. Afterward.

The two hugs and John tell how proud he is of Will and how soon they will be going home. However, this moment does not last long, as a Magisterium soldier kills John, leaving Will alone.

Asriel’s blistering recruitment speech to the Rebel Angels ended with them pledging their allegiance to their fight against authority. As the Witches said in the first season, “If Ariel has Angels, she can do anything.”

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What Asriel wants to do is to defeat the authority and overthrow his oppressive regime. But to do so, as we learned in the finale, would require a microscopic knife.

When will His Dark Materials Season 3 be Release?

The BBC has confirmed that the final series will air in 2022, and is unlikely to arrive until next year due to the extensive VFX required to scale the story. Filming is now underway for the final season, which could mean that new episodes will become available in 2022.

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