Web seriesLove is Blind Season 1 Ending Explained! What happens...

Love is Blind Season 1 Ending Explained! What happens with Giannina and Damien?


Love is Blind Season 1 Ending: Everything you should know!

Love Is Blind is a dating reality television series produced by Kinetic Content and created by Chris Collen that premiered on Netflix as part of a three-week schedule on February 13, 2020.

The series has been compared to Married at First Sight, which was also produced by Kinetic Content and The Bachelor.

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Love is Blind Season 1 Summary: What the show is all about?

A group of men and women date each other without actually seeing the person they are talking to. If they fall in love, the only way they can see the other person and continue the relationship is to get engaged.

Love is Blind Season 1 Ending Explained: Did they marry each other?


Giannina and Damien were the most volatile couple of the season, displaying extreme anger at each other, and then, almost immediately, shifted all the way to extreme sexuality. No one fought as hard as Giannina and Damien, and no one fought as hard as Gianina and Damian.

While cruising on the good vibes of a helicopter ride and the perfect date in the season ninth episode, Giannina tells the cameras that she’ll marry Damien.

In front of everyone including her careful mother, Gianina Milady Giabelli says “I do” when she finally makes it to the altar. But Damien shockingly says he didn’t. Because he saw that Gianina was capable of extreme bouts of anger, he tells her that she was not good enough for him.

One of the male singles – Carlton – leaves the pod straight away without saying goodbye to the female single – Amber – he was on a “date” because she is talking about how he used his “masculine energy” instead of being a father Issues after not having a responsible male presence in her life when she was young.

Impolite! It’s already clear that this guy is going to be a problem. It will be interesting to see if he is one of the men who stays engaged until the end of the pod part of the experiment.

Amber and Barnett’s big day started off with a hitch, so to speak. Apparently, Barnett had some question marks on their wedding day and refused to answer Amber’s calls and texts.

A highlight reel of his unique complexities—student loan debt, fictitious arguments with his family, and the like—made it even less clear whether he would go through with it, even with Amber tangled in her gown. happened.

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Love is Blind Season 1 Review!

Netflix’s Love Is Blind reminded me of my travels in America, in which I was employed at a seaside hotel in Cape Cod.

The environment I was in meant I was with the same people every single day at such a rapid pace – friendships formed very quickly and it felt like a family in just a few weeks.

We were all locked in staff accommodations and they were my social, work, and family life, all rolled into a closed environment near the beach. We had no choice but to have a relationship, we didn’t have the luxury of months or years to get to know each other.

Love is blind; Participants are placed in an environment that is intense and the only focus is to enter these pods and explore each other – when in a small social environment your only focus and routine is what you believe to be Can start that dating experiment is reliable

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