AnimeMieruko-chan Season 3 Confirmed! Release Updates & Review

Mieruko-chan Season 3 Confirmed! Release Updates & Review


Miyuruko-chan (見える子ちゃん, lit. “Visible Child”) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tomoki Izumi. It began serialization online in November 2018 through Kadokawa’s Comicwalker website, with five tankbon volumes released so far.

The manga is licensed by Yen Press in North America. An anime television series adaptation by Passion is scheduled to air in October 2021.

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When will Mieruko-chan Season 3 Release?

No one has officially released a spoiler or date yet. Be sure to come back in a few days for updates. The Miyuruko Chan anime will be released in October 2021 and will be produced by Studio Passion.

What to expect from the Plot of Mieruko-chan Season 3?


As of this writing, little is still known about the upcoming Miruko-chan anime. It is being directed by Yuki Ogawa, the series will be composed and screenplayed by Kenta Inohara, and character design by Chikashi Kadekaru. The animation is being handled by Passione.

Which Characters are returning for the Cast of Mieruko-chan Season 3?

Sora Amamiya is voicing main character Miko Yotsuya, while other cast members include Keide Hondo as Hana Yurikawa and Ayane Sakura as Yuriya Nigureda. The Cast of season 3 will include:

  • urea niguredou
  • Miko Yotsuya
  • Hana Yurikawa
  • Kyusuke Yotsuya
  • zen tono
  • Mitsu Takeda
  • Shindou Rome

Mieruko-chan Season 2 Review: Is it a Good Anime?

From a storytelling perspective, the darkness of the scenes serves to deliver both terrifying moments and comedic ones. In fact, Miko’s essential nostalgia is what drives the comedy,

And when her forced indifference breaks down, it gives the reader a sense of what a dire situation she is in. Overall, when it comes to Izumi’s art, Miruko-chan Volume 2 is astonishing.

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The spirits are eerie and bizarre, and all serve to set the tone for the series. When there are terrifying creatures in the background and an unintentionally cute high schooler in the foreground, the two’s distinct tones work well to draw the reader into the story of the volume.

It helps lead us to laughs or goosebumps, and for just that, this is a series you should definitely pick up. Now that an anime is officially in production, it’s a great time to pick up this book.

Is there an Official Trailer for Mieruko-chan Season 3?

The Miyuruko-chan horror-comedy anime has received a new trailer and an October release window. The new trailer highlights the cast of the upcoming anime.

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