movieNetflix's Movie Deep Ending Explained! Summary & Review

Netflix’s Movie Deep Ending Explained! Summary & Review


Netflix’s Deep Ending: Everything you should know about the 2021 movie!

Deep (known in Thai as Project Lap Pen Tai ‘Secret Project: Sleep, Be, Die’) is a 2021 Thai mystery thriller film produced by Transformation Films and released on Netflix.

The film was written and directed by a team of students from Bangkok University, with Transformation Films providing assistance.

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Deep Summary: What the Netflix Movie is all about?

Four insomniacs medical school students are lured into a neuroscience experiment that spirals out of control—and must find a way out before it’s too late.

Netflix Deep Movie Ending Explained!

Deep experiment by Weimar Pharmaceuticals and Professor Nichacha is all about removing quatonin from the body. This is the only thing that keeps a person awake.


It could have saved her lover, but a Kretinin from one person could not help her, and as such, she enlisted her students. So he designed this experiment in which the test subject was observed with a wristband in his hand.

A device that monitors the number of quaratonin that is needed for the day to reach 100 to finish the experiment. But what makes the experiment dangerous is the fact that sleeping for more than 60 seconds will not only remove the chip but your heart will stop immediately.

Nicha enrolls the students in an experiment to extract quatonin from their bodies in order to save her lover, Jade. 24 years ago, Jade jumped off the building in an attempt to kill himself.

He experimented on himself researching sleep deprivation, but the extended sleep caused him to hallucinate. Jade survived the jump but went into a coma.

Nicha found a practical way to extract cratonin from the brains of sleep-deprived humans and injected it into brain-dead patients. Jade responded positively to the experiment, and Nicha finds a glimmer of hope for her boyfriend.

To end the depths, we find that friends have returned to their lives. In a hilarious postscript, Jun urges Jane to sleep, but Vin’s messages keep her awake. Therefore, one can effectively assume that everyone is still alive and well.

The Professor is arrested for using the tame students as guinea pigs, and Jane is eventually able to sleep soundly, as a stone instead of a corpse.

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Deep Review: Is the movie worth a watch?

The premise is one that can be easily taken to any number of streets, and even leapfrogged from genre to genre – there’s some incredible horror potential here.

Unfortunately, though, the film’s sloppy script, monotonous performances, and awkward pace don’t really allow us to fully engage with the audience about what’s going on.

The German Doctor in particular turns a performance so cartoonish that it’s hard not to laugh whenever he delivers his horrifying lines of dialogue, which is a real shame.

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