movieOut of Death Ending Explained: Where is Shanon?

Out of Death Ending Explained: Where is Shanon?


Out of Death Ending: Everything you should know about the 2021 Movie!

Out of Death is a 2021 American crime thriller film directed by Mike Burns and starring Bruce Willis and Jaime King. The film premiered in theaters and on-demand on July 16, 2021.

Out of Death Summary: What the movie is all about?

A corrupt sheriff’s department in a rural hill town comes undone when an unexpected witness throws a wrench into their shadowy operation.

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Out of Death Recap

In Out of Death, photojournalist Shannon Mathers (Jame King) is hiking in the woods with the intention of scattering her father’s ashes. Along the way, she sees a drug deal involving a dirty cop named Billy Stanhope (Lala Kent).

Shannon hides and takes pictures of her, but she is discovered and chased. Before long, Billy calls on another cop, Tom Rivers (Tyler John Olson)—brother of devious sheriff/mayor candidate Hank Rivers (Michael Ciro)—to help find and kill Shannon.


Luckily, retired cop Jack Harris (Bruce Willis) has just moved into a nearby cabin, and he may have something to say about the situation.

Out of Death Ending Explained: What happens with Shanon?

Shannon and Jack play tricks against Hank. Shannon uploaded drug bust evidence to the FBI’s official site, requesting an immediate SOS. Simultaneously, Jack calls Hank to the cabin right off Route 92 in Easton Lake.

When Hank arrived in the cabin, he saw Shannon pointing a loaded gun. Outside the house, Jack shoots corrupt officer Frank and saves his niece, Pam.

In the climax, three bullets are fired in the house. A shot came out of Hank’s house, suggesting that one of the bullets pierced his guts. He surrendered to the Fed. Shannon came out safe and sound.

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Out of Death Review

Out of Death is a feature debut for both writer Bill Lawrence and director Mike Burns, whose previous credits are as music supervisor on several of Willis’s recent films, including Hard Kill and Survive the Night.

I would give him credit for filming on set for only one of them with Willis on a nine-day schedule. The results are about as monotonous as it gets. Shannon needs to find the dropped camera to prove her story.

The Sheriff needs to cover it up to protect his political ambitions. Billy and Jack’s brother, Deputy Tom is disabled so he has to attend personally. And you don’t think they introduced a character like Jack’s niece for nothing, do you?

With such a small cast you know there isn’t going to be much in the way of action in Out of Death. And there isn’t. There’s a lot going on in the woods, lots of talking and bad guys shouting “Freeze!” And firing into the air instead of actually shooting the person they’re chasing.

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