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Sky Rojo Season 2 Ending Explained: What happens with Coral & Others?


Sky Rojo Season 2 Ending | Everything you should know about season 3!

Sky Rojo (transl. Red Laborette) is a Spanish action crime drama television series, created by Alex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato. The series traces three prostitutes who run away from their pimps.

According to the creators, the series shows “the impunity, ambiguity and brutal reality of prostitution, and psychological portraits of those on both sides of the scale”.

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Sky Rojo Season 2 Recap: What happens in the show?

The second season begins seconds after the first one ends. Coral (Veronica Sánchez), after escaping, goes back to the brothel where she was left, to try to “free” the other girls who are still there, at the mercy of Romeo, who gives them their investigation.

was kidnapped to keep in. passport and noted, in an accounting book, the debt he thought the girls would have spent.


Moises and Christian, meanwhile, are pursuing Wendy (Lali Esposito) and Gina (ie Prado), who have found themselves pregnant, undecided between their jobs, and the right thing to do, which leads Romeo to rebel against him.

Sky Rojo Season 2 Ending Explained: What happens with Coral & Friends?

In the middle of the series, Christian and Moises decide to run away but their mother is kidnapped by Romeo. So they plan to steal Romeo’s money and take his mother in exchange for millions of dollars.

Meanwhile, the trio kidnaps a man named Fermin who will help them with their business. Fermin is one of the men who abused Wendy at a party and seeks revenge. So they used it for theft.

Skye Rojo Season 2 loves Wendy and especially loves the flashbacks detailing her various abuses at the club. When the girls arrive at a hotel, the manager takes drugs and tries to rape her, which seems a bit futile.

Moises and Christian also try to steal Romeo’s money to get his mother back, but Moises eventually finds himself captive of Coral.

When he is freed, he clears his left eye from his head, but Wendy and Gina are able to save him and she remains strangely traumatized by the injury for the rest of the final.

They left the city and entered the ferry away from Romeo. However, Romeo called Moises and lied to him that the girls had killed him. Moises is completely broken after the death of his brother and says nothing.

The season ends with Wendy, Coral, and Gina finally getting the freedom they wanted. In the final moments, we see Moises telling Romeo that “we lost the battle, but the war is still not over.”

Looks like the story is not over yet and we are definitely going to see another season. Romeo has lost money and this is the first time he has lost track of the girls who were working for him. They took everything from him including his money.

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Sky Rojo Season 2 Review: Worth a Watch!

There are some exciting action and plot twists in the season, but the heart and humor are missing in the previous edition. The latest season is much darker than the last season and could have been a lot better than what we got.

Plus, many of the rap scenes were completely unnecessary. The level of production is good and there are few scenes where you will really appreciate the direction. But, when it comes to story, Season 2 feels like a flat-lining before your eyes.

Wendy and Gina, meanwhile, begin running from Christian and basically keep going for the entire season, finding themselves in one scrap after another.

The first four episodes enter an unforgivable loop for a series with only eight episodes in each season of less than half an hour. They chase after them, they chase after them. and start over.

Each chapter is increasingly reminiscent of Coyote and Roadrunner’s comic strip… a dynamic so obvious that the writers even make a direct reference in the fourth episode.

Wendy, in particular, garners a lot of attention, with several flashback scenes relating to her. As before, they are often terrifying, and the clear narration of the chorale gives them all a crackling tone.

When will Sky Rojo Season 3 be Release?

Season 3 is yet to be officially announced; However, Season 2 indicates that a conflict is on the way.

Season 3 will almost certainly launch exclusively on Netflix if the streaming giant gives it the green light. By signing up for a free trial of the platform, you can watch the last two seasons.

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