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The Daily Life of Immortal King Season 2 Confirmed! Latest Release Updates


The Daily Life of Immortal King Season 2: Everything you should know about the anime?

The anime consisting of 15 episodes in season 1 is one of the lesser-known hits from the new Chinese anime release of 2020. Originally known as ‘Xian Wang De Richang Shenghuo’, the anime is based on the 2017 Chinese-language web novel. same name.

If you are an anime-lover or an anime-muggle looking for a new show, the new Chinese show The Daily Life of the Immortal King, has the potential to become your favorite anime series.

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The Daily Life of Immortal King Season 1 Recap

Season 1 showed Wang being born in a world where magic and spells go down in family history. He lives like a high school student but also tries to fight demons and evils when needed.

As the show progresses, Ling falls in love with Sun Rong even more. He goes to heights to protect her. He has resumed work hundreds of times to save Sun Rong.


With so many restarts, failures were even greater. He used the same power he had tried to suppress earlier. He nearly destroyed the Earth while trying to escape.

When will The Daily Life of Immortal King Season 2 Release?

The Chinese production company has yet to announce a release date for The Daily Life of the Immortal King Season 2. Many US media have launched an anime sequel in April or May,

But it looks like Bilibili wants fans of the series to wait a little longer. He hasn’t said anything about a definite release date yet, but it’s most likely to be around mid-22nd.

The Daily Life of Immortal King Season 2 Plot

As a creative intelligence that has acquired another domain like clockwork from the age of one, Wang Ling is a near-invincible presence, whose ability to control far exceeds its ability to control.

Currently, he is sixteen years old, facing his most notable battle – senior high school. With one test after another, her arrangements for a comfortable secondary school life seem to be steadily falling away.

Once at the age of six, he figured out how to overcome the most grounded soul. Viewers of the event chose not to reveal the child’s secret, giving him the option of compromising on his decision.

In any case, Wang Lin no longer needs to go to war. One day he meets the spirit of an amphibian. Being apprehensive, the child claims to be dead.

The administration of the sorcery school took a particularly surprising step. So Van Lin eventually becomes one of the students. Maybe, soon he will replace her completely.

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The Daily Life of Immortal King Season 2 Review

By the end of the first episode, it seems you understand what The Daily Life of the Immortal King has to offer. And you would be right. At least, until you are.

The series presents itself as a light-hearted story of an unusual boy trying to keep the secret of who is safe as he navigates the pitfalls of his new magical high school. But to repeat this often laughable tale, there are some really emotional moments.

Ever since I first saw the finale episode of Futurama, I haven’t had a comedic animation series feel as hard as it sounds to me. The anime is totally a meme. You can see a lot of references, and it’s really funny. really.

This anime is similar to an anime called Saiki Kusuo. MC is actually very similar to Saiki. Wang loves noodle crisps like Saiki’s love of coffee jelly.

Among them, Botu dominates the MC in his world. And among them, Botu is trying to hide it and the story is about the urge of trut-int to hide this power.

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