Web seriesThe Mire Season 2 Ending Explained: What happens with...

The Mire Season 2 Ending Explained: What happens with Daniel?


The Mire Season 2 Ending: Everything you should know!

The Mire is a 2018 Polish-language television series starring Dawid OgrodnikAndrzej Seweryn and Zofia Wichłacz.

The Mire Season 2 Summary

The first season of Maier was set in an 80’s Polish town, originally released on ShowMax. The plot follows a joint investigation by two small-town journalists, Piotr Zarziecki and Witold Waniecz.

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When these two journalists form an incredible alliance to delve deeper into murder mysteries. Then the many new horrors of World War II and the horrifying truth of the city jungle, surface.

The Mir Season 2, aptly titled The Mir ’97’ it jumps from the 80s to the 90s in one more season. follows the plot of the murder of a young boy, Daniel Gwitt.

The Mire Season 2 Ending Explained: Where is Daniel?


The biggest mystery of the series is who killed the boy Daniel Gwitt. Anna and Mike locate the killer, who is none other than the city’s prosecutor. The prosecutor was also involved in the kidnapping and murder of Rivet’s son, Walder.

This suggests that the prosecutor conspired with the property developer and planned deforestation to save the Oja estate from flooding. In return, the prosecutor was to find a house in the property.

However, Daniel’s murder was an unfortunate incident as he inadvertently learned about the evil plan. Despite being set a decade later, The Maier Season 2 actually draws on the relationship of the characters and events from the first season.

Piotr’s case is particularly important because Daniel’s potential parents may have been the reason for his presence in the prosecutor’s home and thus the cause of his death after overhearing a conversation he should not have.

This is probably, on some level, the reason for the breakdown of his marriage to Teresa, although Jass was responsible for this as well.

Everything links back to Helena, whose death in childbirth meant that despite her return to town in the letter, Piotr never got to know about Daniel. These connections help form the basis for the ending of The Mear Season 2.

One revelation leads to another because all these secrets are buried on top of each other. The prosecutor wants to protect the Oza estate from flooding so as not to uncover evidence of Waldeck’s murder, which has a happy circular. After all, a secret is never buried.

After breaking into his car and finding a tape player in the trunk, Anna manages to piece together the truth about Andrzej.

Daniels was with her that night, hiding and listening as Jacek and Andrzej discuss the former militia man they want to hire to blow up the bank. Jacek expresses how worried he is, admitting that a flood could reach Oza if the bank breaks.

If this happens, they will have to rebuild the foundation of the villa. This will be disastrous for Andrzej, as we learn that his body is hidden in the concrete floor.

When Daniel tried to escape that night, the chief beat Daniel out. The bath salts were an act of pure coincidence, as they fell through the window during the conflict. Daniel was eventually executed for preventing this truth from being revealed.

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The Mire Season 2 Cast & Characters

  • David Ogrodnik as Piotr Zerzyk
  • Andrzej Saverin as Witold Wanikz
  • Zofia Wichlaz as Teresa Zarzyca
  • Magdalena Wallach as Helena Grochowiecki
  • Agnieszka Zulevska as Nadia
  • Zbigniew Walerys as Zbigniew Brynski
  • Patrick Boylan as Piotr Zarzik
  • Dennis Kleinman as Zbigniew Brinsky
  • Piotr Fronczewski as Hotel Manager
  • Ireneus Czop as Prosecutor
  • Jacek Balor as Militant Marek Kulik
  • Dariusz Choznaki as journalist Koledowicz
  • Karol Wronski. as Jan Sisierra
  • Nell Kazmarek as Justina Drivizen
  • Michal Kaleta as Kazimierz Druvizo
  • Janusz Lagodzinski as journalist Stanisaw Warvas
  • Ryan Colt Levy as Militant Marek Kulik
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