movieBeckett Ending Explained: What happens with Beckett?

Beckett Ending Explained: What happens with Beckett?


Beckett Ending: Everything you should know!

Beckett is a 2021 action thriller film directed by Ferdinando Cito Filomerino. The film stars John David Washington as an American tourist vacationing in Greece who becomes the target of a search after an accident,

And must reach the embassy to clarify his name; Boyd Holbrook, Vicky Cripps and Alicia Vikander also star.

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Beckett Summary

John David Washington plays Beckett, an American traveling back to Greece with his girlfriend, April (Alicia Vikander). The two don’t have any onscreen chemistry, yet ‘Beckett’ opens up with them in bed.

The idea to entertain them is to watch strangers and create backstories for them. “Your stories always come loose,” Beckett tells him. That’s the only thing we learn about April.


The two are visiting more remote, rocky parts of Greece after warnings that there was a protest outside an Athens hotel. April scolds Beckett for being irresponsible for not calling the bed and breakfast where they will be staying in the boon.

Beckett Ending Explained: Who is Beckett?

Despite fleeing and taking refuge in a local farm, this apparent fugitive is tracked down a second time by the same men.

Fearing for his life, Beckett is once again released from their clutches and then encounters some beekeepers in the mountains. They have made their best bet for security with their headquarters in Athens via the US Embassy phone line.

Without a car, Beckett jumps onto a train, but when the police chief secretly surrounds him, his hopes of escaping his identity quickly fade. A scuffle ensues, the train’s emergency stop lever is pulled and that sweet taste of freedom returns.

After uncovering the truth about the coverup, Tynan spread the word that the US government was behind the sunrise the entire time. They also managed to assassinate Kairos during Beckett’s escape.

From there, he could stop on a flight back to the States. Instead, he finds the nephew on the back of the bad guy’s palanquin. He also took a bullet, a solid flesh wound, and jumped three stories from a parking garage on top of a moving car to save Deimos and clear his name.

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The redheaded boy, Deimos, was the nephew of Karras, a famous political leader. The boy was kidnapped by a far-right ultranationalist fascist group called Sunrise to threaten Karras withdrew from the upcoming elections.

He was building a coalition to reverse austerity measures imposed by the European Union on Greece. However, Sunrise extremists had a different vision for the country.

When Beckett returns to the crash site later, the white woman reappears only to begin shooting at Beckett. The young boy appears later, though this time with his face affixed to the “lost” posters.

As it turns out, he is Dimos (Philippos Ioannidis), nephew of political leader Karras, and has been kidnapped. The fact that Beckett not only saw the boy himself but then returned to the same hideout made him a liability to the people behind the kidnapping.

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