movieClickbait Movie Ending Explained: What happens with Nick?

Clickbait Movie Ending Explained: What happens with Nick?


Clickbait Movie Ending Explained: Everything you should know!

Clickbait is a 2018 social satire horror film directed by Sofia Caciola and Michael J. Epstein did it. The film is an exploration of the pressure on people to have a demonstrative identity and gain popularity.

The film satirizes not only social media but the way social media is used to sell advertisements for mundane products, most notably the invented radioactive toaster pastry, tut strudels.

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Clickbait Summary: What do we know about the movie?

A cast of recognizable, serviceable actors dives into a narrative with melodrama and enthusiasm that defies logical sense, but moves at a breakneck speed, ending on cliffhangers like clockwork, and enthralls the audience.

Includes just enough zig and zag to take the guesswork out of it. The title of the mini-series is quite accurate: “Clickbait” grabs you, accompanies you, and makes you feel satisfied before you forget everything you’ve seen.


It’s not sophisticated, but it’s highly binge-watching, and its eight episodes are enough to keep you watching consistently.

Clickbait Ending Explained: What happens with Nick?

Dr. Don was bored and lonely and decided to go online as Nick, starting full-fledged cyber affairs with women just for fun. Her husband, Ed, was horrified but determined to hide the guilt of his wife’s identity theft.

It was further complicated when one of the jilted women committed suicide. His brother takes revenge on the real Nick for the “crimes” of the fake Nick.

Based on what this cyborg Nick shared with his lovers, Nick escapes from captivity and realizes that only one person can know so much about his personal secrets: Don.

Nick’s son, Kai, begins to put the pieces together and learns that Don has something to do with his father’s death. He goes to Don’s house to investigate and Don invites him inside, despite showing up with a baseball bat.

They discuss why Kai came and then Don and her husband Ed offer to take her home, but instead, they put her in a car to go and kill her. Kai manages to escape from Don and Ed, but is chased by the latter, who attempts to shoot him.

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Sophie and Pia, accompanied by the officers, arrive ahead of time and manage to save Kai and capture Don. Ed tries to fire one last shot but is shot down by the police.

In the finale’s closing scenes, we see Sophie and Pia calm down about Nick’s death, with Sophie once again able to cherish the memory of her late husband, without being haunted by thoughts of him being unfaithful.

Since we didn’t even meet Ed until the season finale, there was no way to guess the identity of the killer from the start. And if you were suspected of Dawn of Identity Fraud from the start,

You should definitely look into becoming a detective because the clickbait twist came out of nowhere. While series creator Tony Ayres knows this ending could be “controversial,” he stands by it.

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