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Home Before Dark Season 1 Ending & Season 2 Trailer Explained!


Home Before Dark Season 1 Ending: Everything you should know!

Home Before Dark is an American mystery drama streaming television series created by Dana Fox and Dara Resnick and produced for Apple TV+.

The series is based on the life of young journalist Hilde Lysiak and stars Brooklyn Prince, Jim Sturgess, Abby Miller, Louis Hartham, Michael Weston, Kiefer O’Reilly, Kylie Rogers, Aziza Scott, Adrian Huff, Joel Carter, Jibrell Nantambu and. Derrick McCabe.

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Home Before Dark Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with Richie?

Richie hides in self-defense for fear of getting into legal trouble for accidentally killing his kidnapper, but returns to Erie Harbor to help expose corruption within Strata Tech and hold his officers accountable.

And it’s a good thing he made a comeback because he essentially told Strata Tech with recordings of company executives explicitly discussing harmful chemicals proving they were aware of their effects.


After Carol gives her written confession to the police, Hilde and Matt learn what happened that night. Richie is to be held for ransom by Carol’s brother, Ezekiel aka Zeke Miller,

And threatens to ruin Carol’s new identity in the new town if he does not drive the van. He gave up, but trouble started soon after Richie was picked up.

Amidst an active brawl between Richie and Zeke in the back seat of the van, Carol decides to stop the vehicle when Richie stabs Zeke.

Unfortunately, by the time Carol went to the back door, she found Richie lying on the street, bleeding. Zeke assures her that the child is dead, leaves her stranded on the road and runs away.

Home Before Dark Season 1 Review

The entire cast is effortlessly watchable, but Prince is the real standout. She makes you believe in her every word and every choice. His faith becomes your conviction.

Michael Weston, as Matt’s morally compromised friend, delivers an incredible performance that will unleash animosity and compassion. Along with the mesmerizing performances, the music that encapsulates the various scenes is a perfect match.

Reimagined versions of familiar songs are haunting at times and surprising at other times, but it always works. When Bridget and Matt see the hateful comments people have left on Hilde’s article, they print them out but close the comments and tell her that none were left.

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Later, Hilde learns of the printed comments and is furious that her parents lied to her. At school, as everyone makes fun of her, she stands at a table in the cafeteria and reads horrific comments from people who criticize her.

Her sister, Izzy, and two other children stand by her. Just then a fight over food breaks out and the headmaster invites Hilde to his office.

Home Before Dark Season 2 Trailer Explained!

If you watch the trailer, Hilde believes that everything Richie saw may have been the reason for her kidnapping. While Richie was trying to return home, maybe someone else broke in and took Richie away.

Home Before Dark Season 2 will focus on a new case. What is making some people sick in Erie Harbor and a swarm of dead birds everywhere is quite an ominous sign. Hilde dives deeper into a new and dangerous mission that could put her and her family in greater danger than ever before.

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