AnimeMonster Hunter: Legends of the Gulf Ending Explained!

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Gulf Ending Explained!


Monster Hunter: Legends of the Gulf Ending: Everything you should know!

Monster Hunter (モンスターハンター, Monsuta hunta) is a media franchise centered around a series of fantasy-themed action role-playing video games, beginning with the Monster Hunter game for PlayStation 2, released in 2004.

The titles have been released on various platforms. , which includes personal computers, home consoles, portable consoles, and mobile devices.

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Monster Hunter Legends of the Gulf Ending Explained: What happens with Aiden?

Mae and Ravi are dead. They die fighting Lunastra. Aiden finds Mae’s Hunter Journal among the things Knox had stolen and stored in his cave. Aidan later quotes the Hunter Code from the Journal, which helps him convince Julius to stay and fight.

They later realize that Hunter who has the magazine must be close and eventually finds Mai fighting a spider-like monster called Nercilla.


Aiden takes this early lesson to heart and calls on it when the team faces its impossible battle against the big dragon, Lunastra. As Aiden’s companions May (Carolyn Calliston) and Ravi (Dan McCoy) fall before the monster while the village is engulfed in flames,

Aiden Nadia (G.) when Julius asks what Aiden is planning to do, then he simply replies, “To restore balance!” To restore that balance, Aiden dumps gunpowder at the base of the city’s dam, destroying it.

The city floods violently, nearly wiping out the village while it extinguishes the fire started by the dragon. Aiden’s actions successfully stop Lunastra, which is swept away by the water.

While the evacuated village may have been damaged, its inhabitants have survived, and the village elder Dazel (Katie Leigh) notes that they can now rebuild the town on the banks of the New River, in better balance with the natural world. Huh.

The film is essentially Aiden’s origin story as the film ends with him in the present, where he is on his way to Port Tanzia. With Elder Crossing more frequent than ever before, Aiden is all set to take on Zora Magdaros, the way he did Lunastra years ago.

It is necessary for him and the other dragon hunters to do so to save the cities from being destroyed. Aiden, however, isn’t oblivious to the risks, dealing with the behemoth that occurred years before Lunastra.

Tributes are paid to Ravi and Mai for their sacrifice. Nadia tells Julius that no one is to blame because they have engaged in hopeless battles out of their own free will and that their choices should not be disrespected.

The villager gives Aiden Mae’s magazine. Nadia says Timban will surely be safe with her to protect her. Julius and Nadia go back to the Guild and tell them what happened.

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Aiden follows them and says that he also wants to join the guild and become a full-fledged hunter. Julius approves and the trio begins their journey.

In the present day, Aiden finishes telling the story to the other hunters, who don’t believe him. One of them asks if the story is true, and he gives it to Mai’s journal to read the last entry.

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Gulf Review!

The story developed well, as every reference to the game is relevant to the plot, which made for a well-paced story. I felt like there could be more; that they could possibly develop it into a short television series.

The film, of less than an hour, made it feel more like an episode than a movie. The story is basic, so the film is nothing short of amazing.

I felt like a lot of important story arcs were not given the seriousness they deserve and could have been developed further. The ending fight scene is overwhelming and feels rushed.

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