movieNetflix's The Swarm Ending Explained! Recap & Review?

Netflix’s The Swarm Ending Explained! Recap & Review?


Netflix’s The Swarm Ending: Everything you should know!

The Swarm (French: La Nui) is a 2020 French horror drama film directed by Juste Philippot from a screenplay by Jerome Genevre and Franck Victor. The film stars Sullian Brahim, Sophian Khamms, Marie Narbonne, Raphael Romand and Nathalie Boyer.

The film was selected for International Critics’ Week at the 2020 Cannes Film Festival (canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Netflix’s The Swarm Ending: What happens with Laura?

Karim brings Laura and Virginie back to his house. He carefully peered into the domes of Virginia’s greenhouse and found Mr. Duvivier’s body inside the establishment.

In a panic, Karim burns the domes, but the fire fails to drive the insect away. The agitated Terminators attack and kill Karim. A huge cloud of locusts hunted Laura, who fled to the pond and covered herself with an overturned boat to save herself.

Powerful insects terrified him until Virginie cut off his hand and smeared blood on his face to attract the insect. The locusts ate the blood of the virgins and when their hunger was satisfied, they flew away.

Virginie realizes the reality of their appalling situation and sacrifices herself to protect her daughter. She bites off his hands and rubs his blood on his face to tempt the locusts, and they quickly fly away and forget about Laura.

Laura then runs from her hiding place to find her mother swarmed by insects until Virginie goes underwater – and the locusts appear to follow her, drowning immediately.

Virginie and Laura reunite while thousands of locusts swim in the muddy waters. Covering her mother with feeding locusts, Laura tries to take refuge in a family friend, Karim. After failing to confront Virginie with Karim’s help, they return home.

While bidding off the mother-daughter duo, Karim notices something strange in the tent and observes them. To his horror, he sees the body of the neighbor, who was trying to find his lost dog, which was covered with blood-soaked locusts.

Taking drastic measures, Karim burns the tent but the fire does not kill the insects. Despite taking shelter in the house, Karim dies covered by locusts that break the window panes.

To distract Virginie from her precious perishable tent is Laura’s cry for help. Running away from her infected home, Laura hides in a nearby river and covers her head with a boat.

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Netflix’s The Swarm Review!

The film falls short of being too awkward and the Cronenbergian, Philipp, shows restraint where others can go for totally weird excitement. Maybe the movie is better for him, maybe not, but its subtlety and suggestiveness are refreshing.

Philipot’s approach is straightforward, bypassing the arc, auteuristic tone of neo-arthouse horror. So its honesty is refreshing too, with the director wisely sticking with the fundamental quirk of entomophobia,

Which many of us express whenever we stomach a spider as it slithers across a kitchen tile. Perhaps it goes without saying that bug-o-phobes who aren’t ready to face their mostly irrational fears might want to watch Resort to Love instead.

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