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Russian Doll Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with Nadia & Alan?


Russian Doll Season 1 Ending: Everything you should know!

Russian Dolls is an American comedy-drama streaming television series created by Natasha Lyonne, Leslie Hedland and Amy Poehler, which premiered on Netflix on February 1, 2019.

The series follows Nadia Vulvokov (Leon), a game developer who repeatedly dies and remains in an ongoing time loop one night and tries to solve it, leaving her in the same situation. Alan Zaveri is found.

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Russian Doll Season 1 Ending: What happens with Alan & Nadia?

As the episodes come to a close, Nadia and Alan learn that saving themselves means coping with their trauma. For Nadia, it’s dealing with the psychological damage inflicted by her mother (Chlo Sevigny, in flashback); For Allen, it’s remembering that he actually died by suicide.

But as they solve that puzzle, an equally bizarre spiritual situation unfolds: they’re stuck in different timelines, which means that when they visit, they find their partner’s old. find version.


An enlightened Nadia learns that Alan is doomed, planning to kill herself, while a sober Alan confronts Nadia with the same donkey who is destined to be hit by a cab.

Thus, the evolved incarnations of Alan and Nadia need to convince oblivious, reckless versions of each other in order to save themselves. The two run for each other in a ruined elevator, which marks a mid-season turn in Russian Doll.

Both of them are experiencing it together. As they reluctantly join forces to find out what’s going on, they find some more parallels between their lives. Nadia went home with Mike on the night she died, and Mike is the same person Beatrice was cheating on Allen with.

More importantly, Alan and Nadia cross paths on the night of his original death. Nadia noticed that Alan was drunk and struggling in the bodega, before being hit by a taxi and jumping off his building. Both Nadia and Alan remain at the end of the series.

However, their inexplicable spiritual connection does not allow them both to survive in the same universe. The night Nadia is hit by a cab, Alan does not jump off the roof.

The night Alan jumps off the roof, Nadia is not hit by the cab. Simply put: for Nadia to live, Alan must die. For Alan to live, Nadia must die. And if neither of them works to save the other, they’ll both experience another difficult bathroom restart.

They have to face their trauma in order to avoid the repeating patterns that will eventually destroy them. That’s why the loop begins with both characters looking in the mirror – one at night, one in the morning. To survive, they have to find the answer within themselves.

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Russian Doll Season 1 Review

Which is why the show gets all the more disturbing at the end – it’s terrifying and difficult to face your inner demons. The deeper you dive, the deeper the water.

Nadia’s mom never handles it – at her lowest point, she can’t cope on her own. That’s why she shatters all those mirrors, a metaphor for denial and avoidance. Leon uses the interesting phrase “quantum result” to describe how day-to-day addiction manifests in Russian dolls.

As the series continues past the first few episodes, it becomes clear that while Nadia, and later Alan (Charlie Barnett), is repeatedly escaping death, their lives are deteriorating in other ways.

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