movieStillwater Ending Explained! Review & Recap

Stillwater Ending Explained! Review & Recap


Stillwater is a 2021 American crime drama film directed by Tom McCarthy, based on a script he co-wrote with Marcus Hinchey, Thomas Bidegen, and Noé Debre.

It stars Matt Damon as an unemployed oil rig worker from Oklahoma who sets out with a French woman (Camille Coutin) to prove his guilty daughter (Abigail Breslin) innocence.

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Stillwater Ending Explained!

If we want to clarify the ending of a film, now we have to clarify the film. Firstly, the story revolves around a father’s love and trust for his daughter.

Invoice Baker, an Oklahoma oil rig employee, travels to Marseille, France to visit his daughter Allison, who has been arrested for the death of her roommate Lena.


However, there is a twist in the story. The woman claims that she has not committed any crime. The murder of his good friend Lena is not his accountability and involvement in the aftermath.

However, he later learns that he has shelved all his alternative options. As the title says, Gene Wilder’s performance in Willy Wonka and Chocolate (1971) is utterly brilliant.

Almost everyone knows how great he is, but I almost never see him whenever I see lists talking about the greatest acts in the history of movies.

Not only do I think he should be on more lists, but I think he should be ranked very high. It’s no secret that dramatic roles tend to prevail over comedic roles.

I wouldn’t call it a low, everyone sees it as his best role and a lot of credit is given to him for the character he brought. The performance is a scintillating tribute to Charlie Chaplin and other silent film stars.

Stillwater Review

Some moves give you a straight feel and buzz, others are more mind-boggling in their tone as they draw conclusions.

For the most part, Stillwater provides an intimate look at each of the protagonists in two separate stories, one based on the tragic case of Amanda Knox and the other about a man who finds a family as he struggles with the troubled past.

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Lets go from the devils. The performance here is lovely, and Damon enjoys a uniquely warm relationship with both Coutin and Siouwad.

But then it finally takes a turning point in the deep territory, with turns based on major coincidences and reckless decisions. “Stillwater” also becomes a less interesting film as it slogs through its long run time.

Is Stillwater A True Story?

Inspired by the “story around the story”, specifically the relationship between a father and his convicted daughter, McCarthy says he decided, “Hey, let’s leave the Amanda Knox case behind.

Let’s take this piece of the story – an American woman studying abroad gets involved in some kind of sensational crime and she ends up in jail – and fictionalize everything around her.” He was also inspired by the True Crime podcast.

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