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The Defeated Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with Leopold?


The Defeated Season 1 Ending: Everything you should know!

Defeated Season 1 featured the conflict of Brooklyn-based policeman, Max McLaughlin, with the superior Tom Franklin, joining the two of police officers Elsie Garten and his team as a semiotics professor.

Max McLaughlin arrives in the post-World War II world of Germany and tries to restore law to Berlin in order to stop and find his older brother.

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The Defeated Season 1 Ending: What happens with leopold?

Meanwhile, Max goes to confront Franklin, who has been kidnapped by Moritz along with Claire, who eventually mustered up the courage to leave him.

Max finds Franklin’s normal driver strangled, but with a note that leads him to the farmhouse where Moritz has rigged a Saw-style trap that contains a lit candle, glue and gunpowder.

To get him to suck out one of Bertha’s extracted teeth, he shows Franklin the scrapbook of his murder and the chapter reserved for him. But Max arrives very early. More than a decade ago he had ovariitis and Hans Vogel was his doctor at the time.

Which expert did he consult? Yes, none other than Glado himself! The irony here is that Glado is directly responsible for saving her life – and is now hanging by a thread stuck in the middle of Elsie.

Glado continues to play dumb and eventually asks for General Holly or General Clay. He will disclose the information to them but there is enough of this “character” with Elsie. In the finale of the season, there’s another revelation in store for fans.

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At the start of the season, the Russians capture Elsie’s husband, Leopold. Desperation later turns Elsie into a double agent, working with both the Americans and the Russians.

She becomes a Russian spy to save her husband and keeps an eye on Tom Franklin, taking orders from Izosimov.

When will The Defeated Season 2 be Release?

Filming for Season 1 ended in September 2019, and the show came out more than a year later. It is believed that a lot of attention is paid to the work after production. If season two production ends in 2021, we expect season 2 of “The Defeated” to happen in mid-2022 or later.

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