movieThe Last Mercenary Ending & Post Credit Scene Explained!

The Last Mercenary Ending & Post Credit Scene Explained!


The Last Mercenary Ending Explained: Everything you should know!

The Last Mercenary is a 2021 French action comedy film directed by David Charhon, with a screenplay by Charon and Ismael C.

The film stars Jean-Claude Van Damme in the lead role, as well as a supporting cast that includes Alban Ivanov, Asa Silla and Samir Decazza. It was released on Netflix on July 30, 2021.

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The Last Mercenary Summary

The story revolves around a man named Richard Broomere. Known as ‘The Mist’, Broomere is a former Secret Service agent now working as a rogue mercenary. Early in a mission, he receives a message from secret agent Fernand; Broommere’s son Archibald is in danger.

This immediately sees Richard returning to France where he learns that Archibald has been falsely accused of drug trafficking by the police. As our unlikely pairing meets, they uncover a much larger conspiracy at work and assemble their team to uncover the truth.


The Last Mercenary Ending & Post Credits Explained!

Richard comes up with the plan and calls Paul. By imitating Simeon’s voice, he invites Paul to make a deal at the Targistan Embassy in exchange for 30 million. Richard calls the Russian whose son he initially saved and demands cash.

Upon receiving the payment, they head to the embassy to carry out their plan. Once captured, Marguerite and Paul are captured, leaving Broommere, Archie, Alexander, Dalila and Momo surrounded by Commandant Jord (Patrick Timsit) and his men.

Jaurd emerges in the meeting place’s ballroom after potentially dying after being shot by Marguerite a few minutes earlier. However, he comes to the rescue after revealing that his tuxedo was bulletproof.

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While they wait for Paul, Richard mends his relationship with the son. When Paul arrives, Archibald suits up as Simone and makes a deal.

However, when the plan fails, Richard encounters mercenaries and other guards. In a post-credits scene, Richard, dressed as a doctor, rescues Archibald and Dalilla’s child.

As a father, he keeps his promise to be present in the big moments of Archibald’s life. While the stand is a bit creepy, it hints that Archibald and Dalila have married and started a new life together.

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