movieThe Vault Ending Explained: What happens in the 2021...

The Vault Ending Explained: What happens in the 2021 Movie?


The Vault Ending: Everything you should know!

The Vault is a 2021 Spanish action thriller film directed by Jaime Balguero. The film stars Freddie Highmore, Astrid Burgess-Frisbe, Sam Riley, Liam Cunningham, Louis Tosar, Axl Stein, Jose Coronado, and Famke Jensen.

The Vault Plot Recap

After salvaging the chest from a Spanish galleon where Sir Francis Drake’s buried treasure is, Walter and his crew find themselves plundered by the Spanish government.

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Because of this, Walter decides that between them, his elusive daughter Lorraine, his business partner James, a hacker named Klaus, and a man who can get almost anything, Simon,

They are going to take back the treasure they took from him. are. However, with the treasury, and especially with the coins Walter wants to stay in the Spanish bank, he has a problem.

The Vault Ending: Did they open the vault?


They then flee through the FIFA crowd. Meanwhile, we learn that Lorraine even sleight of hand replaced the coins with James’ coins. Margaret had to retrieve the stolen coins from the vault.

And Jacob had to steal coins for him. Instead, he ends up with coins pointed to the British Embassy in Madrid. As depicted in the final part of the story, Walter was not after the gold in the lost treasure, but was interested in the three coins packed inside a box.

These coins reveal the location of Francis Drake’s fate buried somewhere in the world. Walter and his team are quite surprised to find the opportunity. Luck is buried under the Bank of London, which will be their next target. The sequel of the film will follow on the next robbery.

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Is The Vault a Trure Story?

Vault follows an engineering “boy genius” named Thom (Freddie Highmore), who is looking for postgraduate jobs.

When an invitation from decades-old treasure hunter Walter Moreland requests his help to break into the safest vault in the world, he accepts and begins the events of the film’s plot.

Along for the ride is Walter’s already assembled team, which includes Lorraine (Astrid Burgess-Frisbe), James (Sam Riley), Klaus (Axel Stein) and Simon (Louis Tosar).

With the added complication of the highly dedicated security chief Gustavo (Jose Coronado), the team will enter the Bank of Spain in Madrid. However, they are confident that with the World Cup in town, the security chief’s attention is being distracted.

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