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Tower of God Season 1: What’s up with the Ending?


Tower of God Season 1 Ending: Everything you should know!

The Tower of God (Korean: ; RR: Sin-yu Tap) is a South Korean manhwa known as Siyu. Written and illustrated by Webtoon.

It has been serialized in Naver Webtoon, Naver Corporation’s webtoon platform, since June 2010, with individual chapters collected and published in eight volumes by as of July 2021.

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Tower of God Season 1 Ending Explained!

It’s not easy being “bad” for Rachel. If anything, his reaction is gross and humanly lousy. The show (and Manava by extension) does not condemn her outright and tries to sympathize with why she does it, emphasizing that the Tower’s promise works like this: your lower self.

pitting the denizens against each other, perhaps because the ruling order could prevail. Khun recognizes this, and therefore supports Bam’s idealism and resistance to competitive jealousy.

All of this creates the pivotal moment of the bomb being pushed from the tower, a real shock to the audience and the reversal of what seemed like the show’s central mission at first.

It’s not believable at all, as Manhwa states, he’s never felt such deep levels of betrayal and hurt, especially from someone he’d always loved and looked up to as his mother. .

I understand why they did this, because anime-only would probably call her an even more wimp if they showed her crying like that.

But in the long run, it doesn’t make sense, especially with all her flashbacks with Ha Jinsung and how hard it was to convince her to be strong because he was so depressed.

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Tower of God Season 1 Review

Tower of God Season 1 is one of those series that is hard to describe. Especially without getting into spoiler territory. When I initially read Synopsis,

I thought it was a straightforward fantasy story where I would follow a group of heroes as they overcome monsters and obstacles to reach a mythical goal. And while this assumption is not wrong, it is not nearly so.

The Tower of God is shut down after a successful run at Crunchyroll. The show is one of the first shows the site has collaborated with Webtoon,

So it’s no surprise to see how well it has received. When you mix a top-tier manhwa with anime, you’re bound to get something cool, and fans have a lot to say about its final episode.

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