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When will Don’t Breathe Season 3 Release? Season 2 Recap & Ending?


Breathe is an Indian crime drama thriller streaming television series. It premiered on Amazon Video on 26 January 2018.

It is Amazon Prime Video’s second Indian original series after 2017’s Inside Edge. The series stars R Madhavan, Amit Sadh, Hrishikesh Joshi, Sapna Pabbi, Atharva Vishwakarma and Neena Kulkarni.

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Has Amazon Prime Renewed Don’t Breathe Season 3?

Prime Video is yet to announce whether the show will have a third season or not. The first season was highly appreciated and the second season followed the path of the predecessor.

The makers have not officially canceled Breathe Season 3. The ending of Breathe Season 2 has been indicated. On the prospect of Breathe Season 3.


The makers have kept the Breathe Season 3 information under wraps and it has got fans wondering about the Breathe Season 3 release date even though the second season had just been released.

Don’t Breathe Season 2 Recap

The first part of R Madhavan, Amit Sadh and Sapna Pabbi’s Breathe franchise was released in 2018, and was followed by a second season in July 2020.

Breathe: Into the Shadows was titled by Abhishek Bachchan, Amit Sadh and Nithya Menon, and both the seasons were well received by the audience.

Now, Pinkvilla has learned that after the success of the first two parts, Breathe 3 is already in the works and will start in the summer of 2021.

When will Don’t Breathe Season 3 Release on Amazon Prime?

Currently, no renewal announcement has been made regarding the release of the Don’t Breathe 3 movie. Although the release date of the film is still not fixed. Considering the past trends and the gap between the years of the release of both seasons, we can expect Breathe Season 3 sometime in 2022.

Don’t Breathe Season 3 Plot

The exact story of the sequel is still unknown. The plot can take any direction. Fans can expect Rocky to return to Detroit to avenge the deaths of his friends Mani and Alex to eliminate Norman Nordstrom once and for all.

The plot may also focus on another home invasion in Detroit that Norman faces alone. Or it could focus entirely on Phoenix’s life as she cares for Detroit after Norman passes away.

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Don’t Breathe Season 3 Review

As Kabir moves from Mumbai to Delhi this season, we reach a climax in the systemic politics between the two cities, as far as the police are involved.

But before we can get to this welcome break in the plot – even involving Zeba, a female police officer who fights for her in the male-dominated department – ​​we are pulled back.

Is, you guessed it, Abhishek Bachchan. Probably the best delivery from AB ever. The facial expressions, voice quality, body language are appropriate while playing the dual character.

MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) or split personality-based story is good, but sometimes it feels unnecessarily stretched. The actor who plays the dark-skinned police officer “Prakash” is a National Award winner. impressed me the most.

Just imagine if he played the role of Inspector Gaitonde in Drishyam. There is perfection around him, although he is given a small role. As for the acting, Abhishek Bachchan is actually a controlling actor, which he shows amazingly in the show.

His role as a psychotherapist is definitely worth watching. Nithya Menon has proved her talent with her beautiful and intense skills.

Then comes Amit Sadh, a very intelligent police inspector. Although he doesn’t carry any luggage from the first season, he does carry a new one on his way to Delhi.

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