movieBirds of Paradise Movie Ending Explained: What happens with...

Birds of Paradise Movie Ending Explained: What happens with Kate & Marine?


Birds of Paradise Ending: Everything you should know!

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Birds of Paradise Ending Explained: What happens with Kate & Marine?

The film opens with Kate, a new student at the La Volley re Ballet Academy in Paris, awkwardly attempting to find her feet as the apprentices greet each other with experience.

We learn that she originated from a short history as well as exists on scholarship, having actually won every dance contestant in America, then we are presented to Marine, the little girl of the US ambassador to France, which checks in exactly the same way.

Birds of Paradise Ending Explained
Birds of Paradise Ending Explained

Alongside the Academy is a self-important mother who requires her to stand out so she can win the annual prize of receiving a pact with the elite Paris Opera Ballet. Birds of Paradise ends three years later, and Kate is a famous ballet dancer.

After a performance that earned him a standing ovation, he was approached by Marines, who choreographed the dance in “Jungle”, the underground club he had attended when he was a ballet student.

Kate eventually breaks down and apologizes to the Marines for the way she treated her, and the film ends with Kate overseeing a surreal dance performance in the woods based on a story told to her during their first meeting.

The film’s finale is fine because between Kate and Marine it’s really impossible to choose who deserves the award the most. As a result, Kate eventually receives the prize, but it is not an outright victory as her greatest competitor, Marine, drops out of the race.

It is also poetic that Kate, who eventually “won”, appears sad when the two reunite after three years. On the other hand, the Marines seem to have finally given up on their constant bitterness after leaving the Academy.

She now seems independent and indulges her passion for experimental dance in an underground club. When it’s really going on, though, Marine and Kate’s dynamic is fascinating to witness.

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While there are other characters who come in and out of the play, like charming star dancer Felipe (Daniel Camargo) and demanding instructor Madame Brunelle (Jacqueline Bissett, who is totally icy), Birds of Paradise deals with its two leading ladies.

Marine is still coping with the loss of her brother, Ollie; He was her dance partner and if rumors are to be believed, they shared a very deep bond. Although she initially sees Kate as her ultimate competitor, the Marines soon begin to rely on her as their new confidant.

The question at the heart of Birds of Paradise then becomes: does she really care about Kate for who she is, or does she just want another Ollie? Froseth portrays Marine’s internal struggles well, from his constant grief to his resentment towards his overbearing parents.

She moves well between vulnerability and vicious determination, helping to make the Marine the most compelling person in Birds of Paradise.

Ollie’s tragic death determines the character of Marine for much of the film, and in the middle of the film we find that she blames herself, too. for his death.

Marine’s mother apparently caught Marine and Ollie in a room having sex when they were teenagers, after which the young man became so embarrassed that he began using drugs and ended up jumping off a bridge. Gaya.

However, as the Marines tell Kate in tears, the day Ollie committed suicide, he tries to call her, but the Marines do not respond. In his voicemail message, Ollie indicated that he had forgotten about his agreement.

This takes a toll on the Marines and is the reason why she blames herself for her death. It is still unclear what happened between Ollie and Marine, but she is clearly to blame for his death.

However, the dancer eventually manages to break the cycle of pain. He achieves this by abandoning traditional ballet.

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