movieFantastic Beasts 2 Ending Explained: What happens with Dumbledore?

Fantastic Beasts 2 Ending Explained: What happens with Dumbledore?


Fantastic Beasts 2 Ending: Everything you should know!

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is a 2018 fantasy film directed by David Yates and written by JK Rowling. A joint American and British production, it is the sequel to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016).

It is the second installment in the Fantastic Beasts film series and the tenth overall in the Wizarding World franchise, which began with the Harry Potter film series.

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Fantastic Beasts 2 Ending Explained: What happens with Dumbledore?

And yet the relationship between Credence and Albus feels weak and undefined. Putting aside that we are now in store for an exhibition scene of how the two are related, the notion of hidden siblings is one that author J.K. Rowling can’t stop hitting a hammer in this film.

We learn that the new character Yusuf Kam is the half-brother of Leta Lestrange, who is in turn the half-sister of Corvus Lestrange Jr., whom she accidentally killed during a shipwreck when she was a child.


These are all secrets which have interest-free repayment. Rowling would have done well to take lessons from her books—personal relationships are more important than family relationships. Looks like Lucius Malfoy wrote this sequel.

Many reasons for this are not clear. Why would anyone think that Corvus is dead, because Layta and a child that everyone should believe her brother survived the boat sinking?

And if everyone thinks that Corvus is dead for some reason, why does anyone, including Joseph, think that Credence is Corvus? Why lay on that boat and start Corvus?

How could that other kid be the secret Dumbledore? What is the probability that those two children will be on the same boat? Why did Credence end up in foster care with some magician-hating weirdo?

Some of these questions can be answered in the film, but it’s impossible to know for sure after watching just one, given the film’s complicated story, confusing structure, huge cast of poorly developed new characters, and last-minute information dumps.

Thanks to where it all appears it’s hard to track down so quickly. That’s where the Fantastic Beasts movies really start to sound like prequels to Star Wars. But if we’re going to try to figure it out, we’re going to have to go into the history of the Dumbledore family.

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For most of the film we’re led to believe that Credence is Corvus Lestrange, the missing brother of Lita Lestrange—which would make sense since even casual Harry Potter fans know the name Lestrange.

They know that family is bad, reputation is bad, and there is solid evidence that they find documents to this effect. But Lita later reveals that Credence is not Corvus because, well, she killed Corvus.

Lita’s father sends her on a boat to the United States to leave her and Corvus for adoption. However, during the trip, Lita exchanges her brother for a random child traveling on a boat.

The boat begins to sink and Lita and her maid flee, but Corvus does not survive. Lita wasn’t trying to kill her brother, but she is thanks to the Switch, and she’s been haunted by it for a long time.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald shows the queens increasingly desperate attempts to keep up with Jacob. She puts him under a spell to make him more obedient, takes them abroad and persuades them both to get married.

When Newt breaks the spell and Jacob criticizes his extreme approach, Queenie sets off to find Tina in France. In Paris, however, she stumbles upon Grindelwald, who tempts her with the promise of a life free from Macusa’s interference.

As such, Queenie joins Grindelwald, believing that her victory against the statute of secrecy will allow her to marry Jacob.

This is an ironic turn of events, as Grindelwald’s contempt for Muggles is barely hidden. Jacob recognizes this and refuses to accompany her, causing an even greater rift between the star-crossed couple.

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