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Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Ending Explained: What happens with Nate?


Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Ending: Everything you should know!

The sixth season of the American television series Legends of Tomorrow, based on characters from DC Comics, premiered on The CW on May 2, 2021 and consists of 15 episodes.

It is set in the Arrowverse, shares continuity with other television series in the universe, and is a spin-off of Arrow and the Flash.

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Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Recap

Except for the last episode of Legends of Tomorrow, the season finale takes little time to delve into the apparent death of John Constantine as well as the Fountain of Imperium.

Instead, it sets the stage for Legends’ plan to revive the Fountain by using a younger version of the Bishop to help synthesize the poison cure created by the Bishop.


The Cure saves Spooner, who then instructs her mother to leave the house because the Zaguron has begun to invade and when they are born in the dark, a lot of death can occur.

This realization also prompts Sara and Ava to get married in one of the most beautiful scenes of the season as Mick and Gary move in with the co-captains respectively.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Ending Explained: What happens with Nate?

The team found that Spooner and the Fountain of Imperium were dying and they needed a younger bishop to help them heal. To solve this they bring in Bishop’s version from his Ava-trial days to help, hoping that he will be more inclined to his evil present self.

The young Bishop had indeed treated Spooner, but was unable to help Fountain. For that, the team received help from none other than John Constantine, who was presumed dead but was actually turned into a mushroom by the Fountain.

He tells Sarah that they are all connected, hoping that she will interpret it as a way to save the Fountain. Legends of Tomorrow has always been a show that uses its often ridiculous settings and storylines to wrestle with the bigger, emotional,

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And existential questions the superhero genre was designed to explore. Sure, this season includes alien-human hybrids, tentacle sex, and literal magic mushrooms, but they’ve all been used as vehicles to ask questions about identity, love, and the things that make us human.

And the season 6 finale is no different. And as the season ends, I’m not even sure if a finale that includes an alien invasion, a surprise marriage, and the exit of two major characters is even shocking, especially compared to some that came before.

Have been (There’s no James Taylor singalong or final fight set to a Cisco song.) But though there’s plenty of “The Fungus Among the Fungus” that doesn’t quite work, the episode absolutely nails the part that matters: the Avalanches. Big moment.

As Nate is about to move on with the ceremony, Bishop crashes the wedding, with the aliens not following him. Everyone runs into the house, where one of the ETs scratches Behrad’s arm, infecting him.

Sarah is about to amputate her hand to save her life when Spooner magically gives her Sarah’s healing abilities. She continues to transfer the Legends’ powers to each other while fighting the aliens.

Nate then notes that Sarah and Ava never exchange “I do”, so the team revolves around the bridesmaids while Kayla buys them briefly.

The couple kiss, their friends are allied around them, the fountain once again worthy of humans and regenerates as a giant mushroom, finds all the aliens killed. Then Mick’s hungry alien children attack the bishop, eating him up.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Recap

Regardless of what happens in the next episode, it’s pretty much a given that Constantine and Jari’s romance is about to end if the Master of the Dark Arts isn’t a part of the show. “Hopefully that relationship, Jari’s character, leads to that,” Ryan says.

In the kitchen, Lita tries to ask Spooner for help with Mick as she is having trouble wrapping her head around the pregnancy. Lita hopes that the discovery of her pregnancy may explain why she disappeared from her life for a year.

Spooner hesitantly examines Mick’s neck, trying to elicit some sort of connection to “Baby Bump”. But before she can hear anything, John walks in and asks Spooner if she can help him, which she accepts without question.

Whatever the case, it’s an unsatisfying episode, but not a pleasant one. There’s still a lot to like about it. If you make a batch of cookies and you leave them in the oven too long and they get all hard and crusty, they are still recognizable cookies.

You can still eat them and like it, even if it’s not exactly how you wanted them to end up. The show’s proverbial cookies are still quite delicious in this case.

To his credit, this is probably the first episode where Bishop felt like someone who could actually exist and not an enigmatic weirdo who has a bunch of clones and is weirdly threatening. This version of the character still falls into the latter category but something else remains there.

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