movieNo Man of God Ending Explained & Spoilers!

No Man of God Ending Explained & Spoilers!


No Man of God Ending: Everything you should know!

No Man of God is a 2021 American crime mystery film directed by Amber Seeley and written by Kit Lesser. The film stars Elijah Wood, Luke Kirby, Alexa Palladino, and Robert Patrick.

It is based on real-life tapes selected from conversations between serial killer Ted Bundy and FBI Special Agent Bill Hagmeyer that took place between 1984 and 1989.

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No Man of God Movie Summary

His film tries to do away with Bundy’s crimes a bit by presenting an attention-grabbing trial, but in the days when he was basically trying to get out of the electric chair, he still lives in the myth of Bundy. He focuses so much that everything but him falls in favor.

So it’s somehow hurtful to say that Luke Kirby’s performance as Bundy is possibly the best put on film yet—he’s magnetic and subtle, but it turns “No Man of God” into yet another project.


Which relies heavily on not only the Bundy mythology but the notion that he could have lived next to anyone in America, or even an FBI profiler if he made some other choice.

No Man of God Ending Explained: Everything you should know!

In an inspired move, Seeley offers Hagmeyer the last word. When Bundy asks him why he thinks he murdered, Hagmeier almost dismisses “because you wanted to”, delivering two important messages in one short line.

At first, he refuses to give Bundy a satisfactory payment for their eight-year relationship — just as he refuses to admit that they are in fact friends — but more importantly, he refuses to accept Ted Bundy. Silences his ability to tell his real reason.

In place of any “excuses” designed to inspire sympathy or distorted understanding, all that’s left is a haunting memory of the experience of killing an unknown victim that he “gifts” to Hagmeyer.

That painful scene gives Hagmeier his most important insight, puts him in the place of both victim and murderer and reliably reinforces how evil Bundy is by giving him a taste of his lust.

In trying to explain the appeal of his crimes, Bundy dehumanizes himself in a horrifying moment, showing his true side and offering the audience the only necessary background without inviting them to sympathize.

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The soft good look of the real Bundy was always about two ticks away from Charles. Manson. He wasn’t even the mastermind he claims to be — he didn’t until he was captured because of police ineptitude and a big, hefty dose of white male privilege.

Lean and sharp like a real killer, Kirby lends his portrayal of Bundy’s recognizable human traits without actually humanizing him. .

After playing so convincingly as Bruce, Kirby goes the other way here, making clear all of the killer’s mental chess moves and showing Bundy’s attempt to pretend he cares about someone else.

Casting Wood pays straight dividends, as he plays Hagmeyer’s non-threatening curiosity, his respect and good manners, and his piety. He’s just the kind of guy that Bundy would find his silky seduction and flashes of fury intimidating.

Kirby’s Bundy contemptuously called Hagmeyer his “friend” during the four-year interview, a “liar in a cheap suit on government pay”.

Conversations with the convicted murderer, apparently aimed at gaining Bundy’s insight on the “Green River Killer”, were also rampant at the time.

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