AnimeRemake Our Lives Review: Is the Anime/Manga Worth Watching?

Remake Our Lives Review: Is the Anime/Manga Worth Watching?


Remake Our Lives Review: Everything you should know!

Remake of our lives! (Japanese: , Hepburn: Bokutachi no Rimiku) is a Japanese light novel series written by Naichi Kio and illustrated by Erato. Media Factory has published eight volumes and two spin-off volumes since March 2017 under its MF Bunko J imprint.

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Remake Our Lives Review: Watch it or Skip It?

The story is great and I have no real complaints about it; Around. Remember the beginning of my review? Qia gets a chance to start from 0. He enrolls in the University of the Arts and gets a chance to work with real talents who will reach great success in the future.

Upon meeting him, the story shows us that he is anxious to be able to reach his level and talent. So far! Somehow through the series he is shown struggling so much, making mistakes and not all.


Geniuses are not born like this, being a genius is the result of many mistakes, frustration, sweat, blood and tears. Success is something that requires you to be ready to fight with everything you have, yet, Kyuya doesn’t fight at all.

Whatever he does, he does it right and he passes any test with flying colors. Yes, actually, he has the mind of a 28 year old man, but what he does now is completely different from his normal routine.

Even the trio of geniuses are portrayed in such a way that they have many concerns and are struggling to become what they are in 10 years, not Kyuya, though.

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The Bokutachi no remake depicts him as someone who can do absolutely everything. A 28 year old man missed his chance at life. So they are either thrown into an Iskai universe or… to redo all their past mistakes from 10 years ago.

While such a setting may not be much cliché, once situations arise where it really matters whether the main character came from the future, once the tension is over, But, with a cohesive storyline and genuine character development, it all goes well.

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