movieSilent Hill Ending Explained: What happens with the Girl?

Silent Hill Ending Explained: What happens with the Girl?


Silent Hill Ending: Everything you should know!

Silent Hill is a 2006 psychological horror film directed by Christoph Gans and written by Roger Avery, Gans and Nicholas Bukharif. The film is an adaptation of Konami’s 1999 video game Silent Hill.

It stars Radha Mitchell, Sean Bean, Laurie Holden, Deborah Cara Unger, Kim Coates, Tanya Allen, Alice Kriege and Jodelle Ferland. The film follows Rose, who takes her adopted daughter Sharon to the town of Silent Hill, to which Sharon cries while she sleeps.

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Silent Hill Movie Summary

Silent Hill 2 is considered the series’ major achievement for both its spectacular story and terrifying horror. Sadly, the franchise is currently in limbo after disappointing titles like 2012’s Silent Hill: Downpour, which was the most recent entry.

Game auteur Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid) and Guillermo del Toro collaborated on a demo called PT, a sequel secretly titled Silent Hills. To the hearts of many, it was later scrapped after a bitter fallout between Kojima and Konami.


There has been little sign of the series continuing since then, although reports suggest that two more Silent Hill games may be in development.

Silent Hill Ending Explained: What happens with Rose?

At the end of the film, Satan enters Rose to enter the cult’s sanctuary and eventually fulfill a promise to avenge Alessa. Earlier, Sharon was found and protected by Alessa’s mother, Dahlia, but Creed finds them, intending to burn Sharon and Sybil alive to purify them with fire.

Cybill dies, but Rose arrives before Sharon is set on fire, and she tells the truth to the cultivators. When Christabella stabs Rose to silence her, the townspeople begin to lose their faith, causing Satan to drive out Rose and allow Alessa to enter the church to destroy everyone.

Rose, Sharon and Dahlia are spared, and Rose and Sharon find their vehicle and leave Silent Hill. Thus began a decade-long game of cat and mouse, where people would come out of the church in search of food,

And Alessa would try to bring darkness and catch them before they returned. The city will move to the evil Silent Hill in the middle of Dark Silent Hill.

The birds sensed evil was coming 30 seconds before humans saw the effect, so they took a page from their mining heritage and carried a canary in a cage. . When the bird was frightened, they would run for it.

Meanwhile, in the real world Silent Hill was just a big empty city. There were no people and the smoke from the coal fire made the place too dangerous to live in.

It is unclear whether time passed at the same rate for the cult members trapped in Alessa’s Nightmare City, although the story is a bit easier to understand if we consider the Nightmare world to be more or less timeless.

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Most of the cult members should have died of old age, or at least by now become frail and old, as most were middle-aged in their mid-70s.

People do not get trapped in Silent Hill because it is a place of sorcery and black magic; They end up stuck there because they haven’t learned anything from their experience.

In Rose’s case, this is clearly not the case, as she made good on her promise to deliver “Dark Sharon.” Must be in church, and avenge her for the evils of the town’s people.

This further strengthened the other people’s impure thinking, after which Dahlia succumbed to her and set out to exorcise her daughter. But soon he realized his mistake and tried to contact the police.

But by then it was too late, because the people of the city had burned Alessa alive. And meanwhile, the structure to which it was attached also collapsed, resulting in the burning of the church and the entire city.

Eventually, the police arrived and picked up Alessa, but she was seriously injured. When Alessa was in pain, Satan visited her to help her avenge the injustice. Alessa agreed and several entities were created in her form.

Satan took her remaining innocence and created baby Sharon, who then passed on to her adoptive parents. Because Sharon is related to Alessa, she dreams of a scary city. Satan then created another form, the foggy dimension, where he lived with Alessa and all those who wronged her.

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