Web seriesTed Lasso Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with...

Ted Lasso Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with Roy?


Ted Lasso Season 1 Ending: Everything you should know!

Ted Lasso is an American sports comedy-drama streaming television series developed by Jason Sudeikis, Bill Lawrence, Brendan Hunt, and Joe Kelly,

Based on a character of the same name, whom Sudeikis first appeared in on NBC Sports’ coverage. Featured in a series of promos for Premier League.

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Ted Lasso Season 1 Summary: Everything you should know!

Since its debut at the center of the pandemic, it has received critical attention and critical acclaim. Sudeikis won a Golden Globe for his performance, the writers won a Writers Guild of America Award, and the series also won the highly selective Peabody.

While the version of Ted Lasso we see in the TV series is much more discerning and eager to learn, some moments from the commercials are inserted directly into the episode.


For example, at a press conference in the UK, Ted learned for the first time that football can end in a tie and that the game is played in two halves, not four quarters. In another moment he is trying to understand the geography of England.

Ted Lasso Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with Roy?

Roy was down but not out, as we will soon find out, when Ted called him off the bench at halftime. Soon after, Richmond earned a penalty and Man City took the lead.

At that point, the sluggish Roy gathered all his energy to block Jamie and block an additional goal. In doing so, the fan-fav was suffering a career-ending injury;

He made the pitch limp as everyone in the stands cheered him. Back in the locker room, he is reunited with girlfriend Keely, who forbids him to be alone during this difficult time.

Back on the pitch, all hope was lost until 26,000 mobiles were alerted for Crystal Palace’s decisive victory against Norwich. As such, all Richmond needed was a tie to avoid relegation.

And so a combination of trick plays, including the “lasso special”, was used, which distracted Manchester City’s defense long enough for Sam to pass the ball to Rojas and earn Richmond a tie-making goal.

Unfortunately, the clock was not yet over, and Jamie had enough time to separate from the ball and make an extra pass (callback!) to a teammate, who scored the game-winning goal. AFC Richmond lost 2–1, and will now face relegation.

Crystal Palace have won 6-0, so the stands are in turmoil – they just need a tie. The team announced the “Lasso Special”. It’s like an American football strategy and it confuses the players in the city. Richmond leveled the score.

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With all the excitement the crowd forgets that the game is not over; City scores quickly and they win the game. Richmond has been removed. “You Will Never Walk Alone” plays. On TV, Ted Lasso says it was a hard loss to take.

Ted first understands the gravity of the football situation and is upset. In terms of that whole Nathan arc, I didn’t really see Nathan’s script until very close to shooting. I think when I auditioned, I was just sent a script.

And then when I got the part, I think I might have been sent three. But during my reading of the pilot, I remember Jason specifically explaining to me what was going to happen in Episode 7, which is another big turning point when he made a pregame speech.

That was the episode that Jason wrote as well. So I knew about it, and I knew he was going to be a coach in the end. I guess that’s what I meant to invest in the character, to take a little time to build something. Being able to do that as an actor feels quite rewarding.✌

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