Web seriesThe Morning Show Ending Explained: What happens in the...

The Morning Show Ending Explained: What happens in the Interview?


The Morning Show Season 1 Ending: Everything you should know!

The Morning Show (also known as Morning Wars in Australia and Indonesia) is an American drama streaming television series starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon,

And Steve Carell, which premiered on November 1, 2019, on Apple TV+. This series is inspired by Brian Stelter. Book Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV.

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The Morning Show Summary

The Morning Show started by setting Mitch as a casualty of the #MeToo movement – a man who abused his power by having extramarital affairs with women and was fired.

But in the eighth episode, which played out as a flashback, Mitch turns out to be the monster he was running from. He took advantage of junior employee Hannah when he invited her to his hotel room and had sex with her.


At that point, he saw the night as consensual. But through a painstaking performance from Mbatha-Raw, viewers realize in the final episode and finale how the trauma of that night, when she was sexually assaulted by her boss, haunted Hannah for the rest of her life. .

The Morning Show Ending Explained: What happens in the interview?

When their plans are revealed, instead of lashing out at each other with Alex and Chip, Ehrin writes a scene where they’ll just cross paths. Alex leaves an unfortunate meeting with the network president (Tom Irwin) as Chip goes on his own.

As soon as they see each other, they will know what the other has done. “The silent moment and the silence between words is something I seek out, I cherish, and try to find a way to tell the story,” Leder said.

Covering West Virginia’s coal mining protests, nearly-shore journalist Bradley inadvertently went viral when a bystander recorded him expertly recording a man who had pushed his cameraperson.

After a heated confrontation with his boss, Bradley quits the small-time reporting gig, as TMS booker Hannah arrives to persuade him to fly to New York City and appear as a guest on The Morning Show. .

Alex interviewed Bradley, who held himself up and showed no signs of intimidation during his periodically controversial sit-down with the veteran journalist.

Her performance caught Corey’s attention, and he offered her a field reporting job. But Bradley postponed his meeting with executive producer Chip and was about to leave New York when Corey called to invite him to a formal event where Alex was being honored.

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With all this drama in episode 10, it’s time for The Morning Show to go live. Chip rings Alex and leaves him a voicemail; He explains how the UBA was going to get rid of him and he starts it all against Mitch to put him – “it was always there for you”.

As Bradley and Alex prepare for the show with seconds counting down before going live, Marlon tries to give the ladies some words of encouragement – ​​Alex throws water at Marlon and says “Get the f—k off my face.” do”.

The Morning Show Season 1, Episode 10, “The Interview”, in finale-like fashion, The Morning Show is live, but Alex freezes, prompting Bradley to handle all the lines. Alex starts walking up and down the studio, while the entire production crew is in awe of his behavior.

Alex begins talking to the camera and admits to the audience that they are not being honest – “this place is different from what it looks like”.

As soon as the crew is instructed to cut them, Corey orders him to survive. Alex and Bradley reunite and tell their audience that Fred has created an environment to silence the women and that the UBA investigation that clears his name is not true.

Alex also admits to being guilty for not calling out the behavior. They delve into Mitch’s sexual misconduct and Hannah’s story. Fred tries to stop the broadcast, but everyone ignores him and they shut him down.

Eventually, Alex and Bradley cut off but the message has been delivered. Chip watches on the big screen in Times Square to see that The Morning Show has been cut. Mitch is at home staring into space.

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